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UT College of Pharmacy students must comply, at a minimum, with immunizations mandated by Title 25 of the Texas Administrative Code, Rule §97.64 related to students in health professions programs.  Requirements over and above these rules are mandated by affiliated healthcare institutions at which students have direct patient contact during practicum.

Failure to comply with the immunization schedule as outlined below may result in rescindment of an offer of admission or a delay in progression and subsequent graduation. Individuals with questions or concerns about their ability to meet these standards should contact The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs.


Schedule for Pharmacy students

Special notes

Hepatitis B
3 vaccination series OR
titer (blood test) confirmation of
immunity to hepatitis B virus

1st shot by May 30
2nd shot by June 30
3rd shot by November 30

One month must elapse between the 1st and 2nd shots.  Four months must elapse between the 2nd and 3rd shots.  Six months must elapse between the 1st and 3rd doses.

Previous immunization dates OR a titer is sufficient.

Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis)

One dose prior to matriculation. 

This may replace one of the 10-year Td boosters.  Tdap may be given without regard to time of last Td booster.

Tdap replaces one of these boosters

One dose of vaccine within the past 10 years

If the 10 year period expires while the student is enrolled in the Pharmacy program, the student will be required to receive the Td vaccination.

Tuberculosis/PPD Mantoux

P1 - Between June 1-August 1
P2, P3 – Between
June 1-September 15

P4 - Done at the end of the P3 year, between May 1 - 15

The test must be performed in the U.S.  Results must be shown in millimeters (mm). A chest x-ray will not be accepted as a substitute for this test.  The Quantiferon TB Gold Test and
T-Spot are accepted.

If the skin test is positive, additional steps are required.  Contact the Student Affairs Office at the number below.

Varicella (Chicken Pox)
2 vaccination series OR
titer (blood test) confirmation of
immunity to varicella virus

P1 - September 15


Previous immunization dates OR a titer is sufficient.

Date of disease on medical record is NOT acceptable.


Two doses administered since January 1, 1968.

The student may submit their entire childhood immunization history; a separate document for this series alone is not required.

Applies to first time students at UT or those transferring from any institution of higher education to UT

One dose ≤5 years prior to but no later than 10 days before first day of class at this institution

Provide documentation of vaccine or "booster" dose during the five-year period prior to but no later than 10 days before the first day of the first semester they will enter the institution.  Students over 30 years of age when they enroll for the first time at UT are exempt.



Students should also receive an annual influenza vaccination, and may be expected to provide proof of such upon request.  It is the sole responsibility of the student to keep and maintain personal immunization records.

If you have questions regarding this schedule, contact the College of Pharmacy Student Affairs Office at (512) 471-1737.  Please note that this schedule may change at any time.  Incoming and current students will be notified of changes as they occur.           
Texas Admin. Code, Title 25, §97.68                                                             

Texas Admin. Code, Title 25, §97.65

Last Reviewed: June 09, 2014

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