About the College

Mission Statement

To provide exemplary pharmacy education, training and research programs for professional students, graduate students and post-graduates; to advance discovery in the public interest; and to provide service to the university, to professional and scientific communities, and to the public.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Educating Pharm.D. professional students, M.S./Ph.D. graduate students and post-graduate trainees to be leaders in their profession.
  • Conducting exceptional basic, translational, clinical, health policy, and health services research.
  • Advancing scientific discovery and the health care of patients through innovations in the practice of pharmacy.
  • Partnering with pharmacy and other health care communities to provide innovative experiential education and service.
  • Advocating for improvement in public health.
  • Building a collaborative, diverse environment that values and rewards innovation, productivity and critical thinking.
  • Addressing the healthcare needs within the state and beyond.

Read full Strategic Plan (PDF).

2012 Annual Assessment Report (UTEID and Password required, PDF)

2011 Annual Assessment Report (UTEID and Password required, PDF)

Read the 2010 Annual Assessment Report (UTEID and Password required, PDF).

Read the 2009 Annual Assessment Report (UTEID and Password required, PDF).


Vision Statement


The vision of The University of Texas College of Pharmacy (UTCOP) is to be the leading academic center for innovative interdisciplinary research and pharmacy education, revolutionizing patient care in Texas and the world.


  • Faculty members, graduates, post-graduates, and staff members receive appropriate support and development and excel in carrying out the vision.
  • The college distinguishes itself among peer institutions in the professional development of the practice of pharmacy.
  • Faculty members increase the amount of intellectual property developed and licensed.
  • College faculty members and graduates are sought out by other leading stakeholder organizations.
  • Funding from extramural federal and non-federal organizations is increased.
  • Faculty members achieve an increase in funded, active interdisciplinary research projects.
  • The college will foster or create an environment that will optimize the number of the college's Pharm.D. graduates who enter residencies, graduate school, or other post-graduate education.
  • Graduates are leaders and innovators in the practice of pharmacy.
  • Graduates who have direct patient responsibility will be prepared for board certification.
  • The cultural diversity of our students, faculty and staff is increased.
  • The college's level of community and public outreach is significantly increased.
  • Prospective students, trainees and faculty seek to be affiliated with UTCOP, and they select
    the college because of their commitment to be engaged in our vision.
  • The college will increase the number of graduates who serve as leaders in the care of diverse patient care populations.

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Last Reviewed: June 23, 2014

College Information

Mailing Address:
College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas
at Austin
2409 University Ave.
Stop A1900
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pharmacy


National Ranking

The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy is recognized nationally as one of the elite pharmacy programs for education and research.  The most recent ranking by U.S. News and World Report places the UT College of Pharmacy program among the top four of the more than 100 pharmacy programs in the country.

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