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2013 Best Graduate Schools

The University of Texas at Austin College of Pharmacy maintained its position among the top four programs of pharmacy education in the country as U.S. News and World Report released its rankings of the 2013 Best Graduate Schools.

The rankings, released Tuesday (March 13) indicate a slight score difference of three-tenths of a point between top ranked University of California - San Francisco (4.6) and the fourth place University of Texas at Austin program (4.3).  Others in the top four include University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, second place (4.5); and University of Minnesota, third place (4.4).

The UT Austin Doctor of Pharmacy program has consistently remained among the top four programs with each new ranking from the news organization.  The second highest-ranking pharmacy program within the state was Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center with a ranking of 32 and a score of 3.2.

"The U.S. News rankings reaffirm our commitment to be among the top providers of pharmacy education in the country, and we work every day to make it even better" remarked Dean Lynn Crismon.

U.S. News's 2013 rankings are designed to help prospective graduate students better understand the graduate school landscape and to identify programs that would be good fits. In addition to pharmacy, the rankings highlight the top programs in business, law, medicine, engineering, and education, among other specialties.
Other UT Austin graduate programs ranking among the top ten in their field include

UT Austin is one of more than 600 institutions with graduate schools surveyed by U.S. News.  The university itself is ranked No. 13 among top public universities and No. 45 among all national universities.

Last Reviewed: March 14, 2012

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