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M.S. Graduate Cited for Outstanding Thesis

Dr. Christine Oramasionwu, pharmacy graduate student, has been cited for having the outstanding thesis among candidates for master's degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.

The award is part of the University Co-op's Michael H. Granof Awards for Excellence in Graduate Education and was presented at a May 19 awards banquet in Austin.

Oramasionwu earned her M.S. in pharmacy during commencement exercises on May 22 at UT's Bass Concert Hall.  She studied under the direction of Dr. Chris Frei, assistant professor of pharmacotherapy.

Her master's thesis is titled, "Disparities in Antiretroviral Prescribing Patterns and Health Outcomes between Black and White HIV/AIDS Patients:  An Analysis of U.S. National Health Care Surveys from 1996-2006."  The study examines the overrepresentation of Blacks who are newly diagnosed with HIV/AIDS, are living with the diseases, or have experienced AIDS-related deaths.   The study examined patients during a period from 1996 to 2006.  Collectively, the two studies suggest that Black race alone is not a risk factor for poor antiretroviral prescribing differences and poor health outcomes in the U.S.

The award is presented annually to recognize distinguished scholarship, research and writing in a candidate for a master's degree.   Oramasionwu is the fourth pharmacotherapy student in seven years to receive the outstanding thesis award.

Previous College of Pharmacy M.S. students who have received the award include
• Bradi L. Jones – "Investigation of Pulmonary and Oral Delivery of Itraconazole Produced by Evaporative Precipitation into Aqueous Solution and Spray Freezing into Liquid Technology in a Murine Model." David S. Burgess and Robert L. Talbert (major professors), and Jay I. Peters and Robert O. Williams III (members of the supervising committee), (2004).

• Alicia Reese – Title "In Vitro Activity and Pharmacodynamics of Tigecycline Against Gram-Negative Organisms." David S. Burgess (major professor), Robert L. Talbert and James H. Jorgensen (members of the supervising committee), (2005).

• Barbara Hoeben – Title "Comparison of Commerical Itraconazole to Aerosolized Nanoparticle Itraconazole in a Murine Mouse for the Prevention of Invasive Pulmonary Apergillosis": David S. Burgess and Robert L. Talbert (major professors); Jay I. Peters and Robert O. Williams III (members of the supervising committee), (2006).

Last Reviewed: June 8, 2010

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