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College Salutes Class of 2008

PHOTO Friends, family and supporters of the Class of 2008 gathered on Friday, May 16 to observe commencement exercises for the College of Pharmacy.

This year's ceremony took place at the university's Recreational Sports Center. A total of 131 graduates participated in the event that feature commencement remarks by Hazel Pipkin, retired member of the pharmacy administration faculty.

Ms. Pipkin was a favorite faculty member among students during her tenure with the college. She was the first woman president of the Texas Pharmacy Association and was recipient of the National Community Pharmacists Association's Lifetime Academic Achievement Award.

During the ceremony, several students were cited to receive special awards including:

* Highest Grade Point Average - Tayebeh Monabbat

* Second Highest Grade Point Average - Kristi Traugott

* Award for Outstanding Research - Ramon Ledesma, Andres Ruiz, Joy Wahawisan

* Award for Excellence in Patient Care - Drake Dudley, Elida Olivarri, Dawn Pogue

* Award for Dedicated Service - Nishi Goel, Frank Le, Cindy Luu

* Award for Exemplary Leadership - Jose Cervantes, Brandon Patterson, Grace Wang

* College of Pharmacy Alumni Association Mortar and Pestle Award for Leadership, Service, Patient Care and Research - Russell Attridge, Theresa Wagner

Officers of the Class of 2008

* President - Brandon Patterson

* Vice President - Dawn Pogue

* Secretary/Treasurer - Grace Wang


Last Reviewed: July 28, 2008

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