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Delgado Salute

Texas Exes recently posed the question "Which great UT professor inspired you?" Pharmacy graduate Beto Quezada took the opportunity to pay tribute to Dr. Jaime Delgado.

Photo of Dr. DelgadoThe years I spent at the University of Texas are some of the most memorable of my life. I was very excited when I was accepted to the School of Pharmacy in 1980. That excitement quickly turned to doubt when I began taking classes in Pharmacy School. Had I made the right decision?

Then came my Medicinal Chemistry class with Dr. Jaime Nabor Delgado which changed my whole outlook on school, on pharmacy, and on what I wanted to become.

Dr. Delgado's style of teaching was like no other. His enthusiasm, his love for what he was doing just came out on every single lecture. Words are hard to describe the passion that he had for teaching and especially for his students. His enthusiasm was contagious.

He once said, "You have to make a course dynamic to keep them interested. When a teacher loses his enthusiasm, he loses the ability to be an effective teacher."

He practiced these words every day of his life. Every student that experienced his class was much richer for having crossed paths with Dr. Delgado. One of those students became my wife.

His passion for what he did was what encouraged us to be the best at what we do. We now have our oldest daughter that also went through pharmacy school at The University and is now a professor at another School of Pharmacy. Unfortunately, Dr. Delgado was no longer with us and our daughter did not have the privilege to experience possibly the best professor to ever teach at The University of Texas. We know she too would have been forever touched by his love for his profession.

It is without a doubt that Dr. Jaime Nabor Delgado was my greatest inspiration at The University of Texas. Thank you Dr. Delgado.

Last Reviewed: July 7, 2011

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