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Explore UT 2014


The College of Pharmacy joins the rest of the UT Austin community on Saturday, March 1 as it flings open its doors to welcome visitors for Explore UT 2014, the biggest open house in Texas.  Events throughout the campus begin at 11 a.m. and continue through 5 p.m.  This year marks the 15th anniversary of the event.

Almost 400 activities are planned across the campus allowing visitors an opportunity to experience firsthand the world of discovery that is a part of daily life at the university.  All events are free and open to the public.  A full schedule of campus programming is available at the Explore UT Web site.

Under the theme science safari, a variety of events and activities are scheduled at the College of Pharmacy including information targeted to prospective students in both pharmacy and nursing, current events topics of general interest, free health screenings, and fun activities for the kid in all of us.  Once again programs from the College of Pharmacy and School of Nursing will share space within the pharmacy complex.

Among the programs planned, the college offers Junior Bevo Safari Adventure featuring games and other activities geared for elementary-aged children. 
The Hogwarts Jungle Potions Class is highly popular for all ages.  Due to the nature of the presentation, seating is limited, so, in an effort to prevent attendees from spending great amounts of time waiting in line, tickets for all of the Hogwarts presentations are handed out free beginning at 11 am on a first come: first served basis.  Once all tickets are released, seating is full.

New this year, the college offers "3D Tour of Drugs" and "Drugs in the Pop Culture."  Both are geared to teen audiences.  The first offers participants an opportunity to take a unique look at medication compounds  through 3D glasses to learn how these drugs help fight disease.  The second program features current students in the Pharm.D. program as presenters who will discuss the more common drugs found in today's pop culture. 

Pharmacy and nursing students will showcase their skills in providing a number of free health screenings including blood pressure, cholesterol screening, body mass index, and blood sugar screens.

See the full schedule of pharmacy/nursing events. The site also offers information concerning recommendations for parking, maps of the campus, and information concerning large group dining opportunities

With so many events, it's impossible to see and do everything in one day.  Campus organizers advise visitors to plan in advance by using the Explore UT Web site to identify times for events they do not want to miss.  Of course, visitors are welcome to simply wander the campus choosing as they go along.

Last year more than 30,000 visitors took the opportunity to visit campus for Explore UT where they experienced the university community through activities that included unraveling the mysteries of science, learning new dance steps, climbing a rock wall, and monitoring their health.

For the day-long celebration, the campus is organized around six realms of discovery including

The Explore UT Web site also includes information concerning parking, information booths including schedule guides, and available food vendors.

Last Reviewed: February 6, 2014


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