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Thousands Visit College During
"The Biggest Open House in Texas"

Breaking the Antibiotic Habit

The College of Pharmacy joined the rest of The University of Texas at Austin campus on March 6 as it flung open its doors to welcome the community to the biggest open house in Texas, Explore UT 2010.

Events throughout the campus were offered throughout the day for all groups and interests.

Under the theme of a pharmacy safari, visitors to the college had an opportunity to learn about the H1N1 pandemic and the threat of fake drugs. They could drop in to a Hogwarts Potions class or to Madam Pomfrey's Infirmary or they could visit with pharmacy students to measure their blood sugar or cholesterol levels. Still other visitors took the opportunity to attend sessions or speak to counselors about the application process to attend pharmacy school.

More than 50,000 visitors visited campus during Explore UT.

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Last Reviewed: March 8, 2010


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