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Gavaza Named to USP Fellowship

PhotoPaul Gavaza, a graduate student in pharmacy administration, is one of six students nationally to be selected as recipient of a $25,000 U.S. Pharmacopeia Fellowship (USP). 

The fellowships are awarded to graduate students who are enrolled in chemistry, pharmacy or other health care/scientific doctoral or post-doctoral programs to support research related to quality standards for medicines, dietary supplements and food ingredients.

Gavaza, a native of Zimbabwe, works with Dr. Carolyn Brown, professor of pharmacy administration, to look at pharmacists' reporting of adverse drug events (ADEs).

ADEs are defined as unintended, undesirable and harmful events that are associated with the use of a drug.  Some, but not all, ADEs are the result of errors caused by medical staff.   Most are preventable. 

Gavaza's research is believed to be the first research concerning U.S. pharmacists' attitudes or willingness to report ADEs using a theoretical model.   Based on the theory of planned behavior, the study will examine pharmacists' beliefs concerning reporting and identify critical factors that influence attitudes and willingness to report ADEs. 

The USP Fellowship Program supports research in drug and food standards and their use.  Each student who is identified as a USP fellow is awarded $25,000, a portion of which is used to support the fellow and research costs.  Since the program's inception in 1981, USP has invested more than $3.7 million in 224 fellowship awards.

USP is a scientific, nonprofit, standards-setting organization that advances public health through public standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety and benefit of medicines and foods.

Last Reviewed: October 26, 2009

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