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Liu Honored by Chemical Society


Dr. Hung-wen (Ben) Liu, professor of medicinal chemistry, has been named to receive the Arthur C. Cope Late Career Scholars Award from the American Chemical Society.

The award recognizes and encourages outstanding achievement in the field of organic chemistry.  It will formally be presented to Liu at the ACS's 2014 national meeting in San Francisco in August 2014.

The award consists of $5,000, a medallion and a certificate.  In addition, an unrestricted grant-in-aid of $40,000 for research in organic chemistry will be made to any university or nonprofit institution selected by the recipient. 

Liu's research focuses on the crossroads of chemistry and biology.  His team is currently working on three general areas with the focus aimed at the elucidation of the mechanisms of novel enzymatic reactions and the design of methods to control and/or regulate their function. Most of the biological systems under investigation are target candidates for therapeutic drugs.

Last Reviewed: October 7, 2013

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