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A New Look

The College of Pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin has a new front door --a redesigned website.  And the public is invited to come and have a look around.

With the launch of the new site in December, the college has rolled out a new welcome mat.  We've added bolder graphics, more stories, and a better design format, but our story as one of the country's premiere programs of pharmacy education remains.  You are invited to visit the new site, to browse through our sections, and to discover for yourself why pharmacy at The University of Texas at Austin consistently remains at the cutting edge of both education and research innovations.

Information regarding our programs, ranging from the entry-level Pharmacy Doctorate degree to post Ph.D. training opportunities is available on the new pages just as it was on the old site, but it may appear in a different format or different location.  The site presents special opportunities for alumni and friends to stay connected to the college.

The new website offers several options to assist viewers in navigating through the site.  A search feature at the top right hand section of the home page permits searches by topic.  In addition, an index of major headings across the bottom of the home page, displays an alphabetical list of available topics. 

"The new Web site affords us an opportunity for a more attractive and better link to our alumni and friends, as well as, provides current students, faculty and staff members a better vehicle for communication " said Dr. Marvin Shepherd, professor of pharmacy administration, who served as chair of the college's Public Affairs Committee.

The website redesign was initiated through the college's Public Affairs Committee; A task force from the committee oversaw the redesign process.  Brown served as chair of the subcommittee that also included Belinda Gonzalez Lehmkuhle and Vicki Matustik. The Design Center in the university's Office of Public Affairs and the staff of the college's Learning Resources Center assisted with the redesign process.


Last Reviewed: December 12, 2008

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