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Texas Excellence Teaching Award

The Texas Excellence Teaching Award (TETA) was established to encourage quality teaching among faculty at The University of Texas at Austin.  The award recognizes individuals whose teaching and interactions have had a positive influence on the lives and educational experience of their students.  The university's Cabinet of College Councils organizes student committees to oversee the selection process within each college and school. Nominations are solicited from students and recommendations from the college/school committees are submitted to the president of the Cabinet of College Councils.  These recommendations are passed on to Ex-Students' Association.

Kenneth A. Lawson  2010-2011
Edward M. Mills 2009-2010
Carolyn M. Brown 2008-2009
Walter L. Fast 2007-2008
W. Renee  Acosta  2006-2007
W. Arlyn Kloesel 2005-2006
Richard E. Wilcox 2004-2005
Robert D. Salzman  2003-2004
Lane J. Brunner 2002-2003
James A. Karaboski 2001-2002
Christian P. Whitman 2000-2001
Patrick J. Davis 1999-2000
Alan B. Combs 1998-1999
Robert O. Williams III 1997-1998
Richard E. Wilcox 1996-1997
Jerry Fineg 1995-1996
Kenneth A. Lawson  1994-1995
Christian P. Whitman 1993-1994
Karen L. Rascati 1992-1993
John M. Beale 1991-1992
Kenneth W. Kirk 1990-1991
William H. Riffee 1989-1990
Jaime N. Delgado 1988-1989
Joanne F. Richards 1987-1988
Robert S. Pearlman 1986-1987
Richard E. Wilcox 1985-1986
Alan B. Combs 1984-1985
Marvin D. Shepherd 1983-1984
Patrick J. Davis 1982-1983
Jaime N. Delgado 1981-1982
Victor A. Yanchick 1980-1981
Victor A. Yanchick 1979-1980
Robert G. Leonard 1979-1980
William J. Sheffield  1978-1979
Jaime N. Delgado 1977-1978
William J. Sheffield 1976-1977
Salomon A. Stavchansky 1975-1976

Last Reviewed: May 17,2011

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