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Prescription for Love

St. Valentines' Day

Some students received more than a first-class education during their time at the UT College of Pharmacy; many met and fell in love with their future spouses! In honor of Valentines Day, we are pleased to share the stories of a few of our Longhorn pharmacists who were struck by Cupid's arrow.

Russell and Rebecca Attridge

I like to think that I met Rebecca when I saved her from a fire-breathing dragon in the top chamber of a castle; however, our fairy tale has a slightly different setting than the storybooks. Rebecca and I met in the halls and classrooms of the UT Austin College of Pharmacy. We were involved in similar student organizations and had similar interests, a good start for a budding pharmacy couple. Rebecca, always one step ahead, graduated with a Longhorn Pharm.D. in 2007. We started dating less than a year earlier and continued as we both completed a two-year residency and the Master of Science program through UT Health Science Center San Antonio. Rebecca is a bright light in life and in the pharmacy world, and it was (and still is) easy for me to be constantly impressed by her ability to make everyone else around her better.

We married in Austin in May 2010, and have lived happily in San Antonio ever since. Currently, we are both assistant professors at the University of the Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy and highly value the opportunity we have to help educate soon-to-be colleagues. Each Pharm.D. class has had more than a few couples who continue to flourish, and for all of us, the UT College of Pharmacy provided much more than the education. Happy Valentine's Day!

- Russell

Rebecca (Lee) Attridge received her Pharm.D. in 2007 and her MS in pharmacy in 2009; Russell Attridge received his Pharm.D. in 2008 and his MS in pharmacy in 2010.
Beto and Melissa Quezada

Melissa and I met on campus in the West Mall area while taking our pre-pharmacy courses. We were introduced by a mutual friend who knew we were taking similar classes. We began dating about two years before we got into pharmacy school. Taking the same courses and studying together allowed us to spend a lot of time with one another. Some of the best memories we frequently remember of campus life are the Saturdays at the Texas Longhorn football games. We attended every single home football game while at UT and a few OU games in Dallas.

Shortly after graduating, we continued the tradition and resumed attending the home football games, as well as the OU games. Graduating from The University of Texas School of Pharmacy was better for us than we ever imagined. We are very grateful for the awesome professors and staff that we had while attending pharmacy college. Melissa has been the emergency room pharmacist at the VA Hospital in San Antonio for 23 years and is beginning to talk about retirement. I am a consultant pharmacist for a number of ambulatory surgery centers and free-standing emergency rooms. We were blessed when the oldest of our three children also graduated from pharmacy school at The University of Texas. Our younger twins are currently attending UT San Antonio and are also talking about a career in healthcare.

- Beto

Beto and Melissa (Cardenas) Quezada received their BS in pharmacy degrees in 1983.

Cyndi and Tommy Standefer
Tommy and I met in January 1987 at the first Young Pharmacists Leadership Conference at UT. I was working for the College and Tommy was a registrant at the conference. Following the conference, we visited a bit and began a six month exchange of correspondence (professional of course) as we searched for hints of the other's interest. That summer we attended the Texas Pharmacy Association Annual Meeting in Houston. Following the convention, we began dating (long distance) and were married that New Year's Eve at my church in Austin.

Following marriage, we worked for approximately 10 years together in Tommy's family pharmacy until we sold it in 1997. Since that time, we have worked in a number of pharmacies, primarily independent pharmacies, as part-time pharmacists. We love to travel together, especially to the mountains of Colorado, where we hope to retire someday. Celebration is the current theme of our lives as Edward, our only child, just graduated from UT Austin and we recently celebrated our 25th anniversary on a mule.

- Cyndi

Cyndi (Edwards) Standefer received her BS in pharmacy in 1980; Tommy Standefer received his BS in pharmacy in 1983.

Jill and Robert O. (Bill) Williams III

I graduated with my pharmacy degree from Butler University in Indianapolis and got in my Honda Civic to drive to Austin to attend pharmacy graduate school at UT.  My plans were to get a Ph.D. in pharmacy administration and return to Indy to teach at Butler; however, things took a much different turn. I met Robert O. (Bill) Williams III in August 1984 - the first week I was at the UT College of Pharmacy as a graduate student. Upon seeing Bill, then a graduate student working on his Ph.D. in pharmaceutics, at a Pharmacy Graduate Council meeting, I immediately asked a friend, "Who is that?". When Bill announced that he was putting together a committee and needed members, I promptly joined his team. The rest is history!

Three years later, we were married and exploring the world through work. That is, until Texas called us home. More accurately, Dr. Jim McGinity asked Bill to interview for a job opening in pharmaceutics and I applied for and was awarded the College of Pharmacy's director of continuing education position. Bill currently serves as division head and professor of pharmaceutics at the College of Pharmacy. I served as director of C.E. for 9 years before I retired to spend more time with our two daughters. We look forward to many more wonderful years of involvement with the University and our beloved College of Pharmacy. Hook'em Horns!

- Jill

Jill (Lear) Williams received her M.S. in pharmacy in 1986. Bill Williams received his B.S. in pharmacy in 1981 and his Ph.D. in pharmacy in 1986.

Chris and Bradi Frei

The decision to attend pharmacy school was the best decision we ever made! Not only did we receive a great education that launched our careers, but we also found each other. Our romance began at a study group, strengthened while volunteering for pharmacy student organizations, sizzled at a fraternity party, and really blossomed during a failed attempt at "game night" four of us used to get together periodically to play board games. This is probably not what Dean Doluisio had in mind when he talked about the “invisible curriculum,” but it worked for us! In all seriousness, we both came from similar backgrounds (i.e., small towns, strong families, and great Texas pride). It was only a matter of time before we found each other, and pharmacy school created the perfect setting.

Twelve years and two kids later, we still look back on our pharmacy school days with fond memories. We now live in Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas and we are both tenured faculty members at our respective pharmacy schools. We can't help but chuckle when we see new romances blossom in today's pharmacy students, knowing that some of those couples will someday have their own "pharmacy school romance" stories to share.

- Chris

Chris Frei and Bradi (Jones) Frei received their Pharm.D. degrees in 2001 and their M.S. in pharmacy degrees in 2003.



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Last Reviewed: February 13, 2013

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