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Prescription for Love

St. Valentines' Day

Last year we featured several couples who, through the UT College of Pharmacy, met and fell in love. It was so popular that we decided to run another special Valentine's Day edition of Longhorns in Love.

Curtis and Kim Moore

Curtis and Kim met during the summer of 1991 while working as technicians in Seton Hospital's pharmacy department. Curtis trained Kim on her very first evening shift. She was a native Austinite, attending The University of Texas and anticipating application to the College of Pharmacy within the year. Curtis had attended his hometown university, Stephen F. Austin, and was now well into his second year of pharmacy school enjoying city life. When Kim entered the pharmacy school a year later, Curtis was preparing for a clinical rotation experience in Austin. After his graduation, Curtis worked at Georgetown Hospital and married Kim on August 20, 1994.
Kim's final work to complete the Pharm.D. program took the newlyweds to San Antonio. In the summer of 1996, Kim accepted a Pharmacy Practice Residency at Scott & White in Temple, and Curtis was hired as a staff hospital pharmacist. Today, Belton has become "home" for the Moore family; Curtis and Kim will celebrate 20 years of blessed marriage in August! He still serves as an inpatient clinical specialist at Scott & White with a focus on nephrology/kidney transplant. Kim is a busy mommy of three talented, intelligent, Longhorn-supporting children and works part-time as an inpatient clinical pharmacist.

Kim (Braden) Moore received her Pharm.D. in 1996; Curtis Moore received his B.S. in pharmacy in 1993.
Kate Parker and Bryson Duhon

During my second year of pharmacy school, I won passes to an Austin City Limits taping that just so happened to take place right in the middle of my pharmacotherapy lab. Instead of letting the tickets go to waste, I thought I'd offer them to Kate Parker, the beautiful girl in my class who was the daughter of a former faculty member. Things did not go smoothly, however, as she was under the impression that I would be taking her to the concert as a date. After a few confusing minutes where I explained that I could not attend the show, I gave her the passes and we parted quite awkwardly. Luckily, a few days later, I asked her to dinner, and the rest is history (thank goodness she took a girlfriend to the show and not someone else!). Kate and I graduated with our Longhorn PharmD's in 2011. After two years of residency, I accepted a position as clinical assistant professor with The University of Texas College of Pharmacy in the Division of Pharmacotherapy. Kate is currently a pharmacist at the Austin State Hospital. We are the proud parents of two cats and one very spoiled dog. I asked Kate to marry me on May 4, 2013 in the French Quarter of New Orleans (Who Dat!), and we will be getting married on May 21, 2014 in beautiful Hawaii. I am a very, very lucky man to be able to spend many future Longhorn football games and Austin City Limits festivals with such a lovely lady. Hook Em' Horns!


Blanca and Michael Andersen
Blanca and I met at UT in 1986 in pharmacy school. We were both in Phi Delta Chi; however, we did not begin dating until our last two semesters of rotations in San Antonio after we got to know each other better. After graduation, Blanca stayed in San Antonio where she grew up and I initially took a job in Houston and then moved back home to Austin. We dated long distance for a couple of years until I took a job in San Antonio in 1990. We married a year later in 1991. Blanca is currently the supervisor for the pediatric pharmacy at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio. I currently work for University Hospital in San Antonio as the clinical informatics pharmacist managing the pharmacy computer systems and smart infusion pump libraries. Outside of our jobs, we volunteer for an organization called For Hearts and Souls which diagnoses and treats children with congenital heart defects around the world. We provide pharmacy support and prepare IV medications during the surgeries and cardiac catheterizations in often less than desirable conditions. Since 2006 I have traveled with teams to Mongolia 8 times and once each to Kosovo and Kurdistan. Blanca has accompanied me to Mongolia 3 times. Probably our highlight of these trips was in 2009 when we were able to arrange for the very first laminar flow hood to be transported to the hospital in Mongolia where the surgeries are performed each year (see photo with our pharmacist counterpart from Mongolia and the hood). Back at home we are involved in our church and each lead a Bible study during the week.


Blanca (Martinez) Andersen received her B.S. in pharmacy in 1988; Michael Andersen received his B.S. in pharmacy in 1987.

Paige and David Reinke

David and I went to high schools that were about an hour apart. We both went to UT right out of high school in 1991. We both got accepted to pharmacy school. David's uncle worked for my father and we had heard about each other for a few years, but had never met. David and I actually met for the first time during pharmacy school orientation. Since we had both been at UT for two years already, we had our lives outside of pharmacy school. Once we got involved in pharmacy school activities and organizations, we spent more time together and became friends. Our friendship continued to grow and he finally got the nerve to kiss me on the dance floor at Dance Across Texas one evening! Things continued to grow from there and we became a couple. We spent all our time together. We were studying the same subjects and all our friends were the same. After we graduated pharmacy school, we both did residencies in Memphis, TN. After we completed our residencies, we were hired at two different hospitals in the Dallas area. We headed to Austin one weekend to visit some friends and David proposed to me in the pharmacy building where we met. The ring was in a prescription bottle and the label read, "Take one and love me for the rest of your life." Of course, I said "YES!" We finally got married in September of 1999. We had our first child in February of 2001 and our second child in November of 2003. Shortly after the birth of our second child, we moved back to the Waco area to be closer to both of our families. We currently both work at Providence Health Center in Waco, TX. I am the Clinical Coordinator and David is the Medication Safety Officer. Our offices are side-by-side. We often ride to work together and we eat lunch together almost every day. A lot of our friends tell us they could not work with their significant other or see each other as much as David and I do, but since we met in pharmacy school and did everything together during that time, it is "our normal" and we feel blessed to see each other as much as we do. We are definitely thankful to the UT College of Pharmacy for bringing us together! Hook 'em!


Paige (Plummer) Reinke and David Reinke each received their Pharm.D. degrees in 1997.

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Last Reviewed: February 13, 2014

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