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Take 5

The University of Texas frequently publishes video snapshots of faculty and staff talking about their research or teaching. Visit the links below to see videos featuring members of the College of Pharmacy faculty and staff.


MillsView Ted Mill's Video

Dr. Mills discusses his areas of research interest, which include metabolism, cancer, and obesity.

WrightView Casey Wright's Video

Dr. Wright discusses his research focus which includes unraveling the complex regulatory mechanisms that govern the activity of the pleiotropic transcription factor nuclear factor-κB (NF-κB), with the long-term goal of identifying pharmacological intervention points along the NF-κB signaling module.

RascatiView Karen Rascati's Video

Dr. Rascati discusses the study of pharmacoeconomics and her particular areas of research interest.

LopezView Debra Lopez' Take 5 Video

Dr. Lopez discusses diabeties and therapeutic options for treatment.

BrownView Carolyn Brown's Take 5 Video

Dr. Brown discusses the relationship between ethnic or cultural backgrounds and the use of herbal or non-traditional medicine. She also explores how this relationship should affect the treatments recommended by health care practitioners.

EricksonView Carlton Erickson's Take 5 Video

Dr. Erickson discusses addiction science and the difference between addiction (pathological dependence) and intentional drug abuse.

Last Reviewed: September 5, 2013

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