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Cost of Illness
Cost Benefit
Health Policy
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Cost Minimization
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International Trade
Disease Modeling
Impact of Pharmaceutical Care
Decision Analysis

Recent Research

Development of the Burden of Prior Authorization of Psychotherapeutics (BoPAP) Scale to Assess the Effect of Prior Authorization Among Texas Medicaid Providers (PDF File)

Anti-epileptic Medication Drug Formulation Changes and their Relationship to Outcomes (Ambulance, Emergency Department, and Inpatient Events) (PDF File)

Length of Prescription Drug Payment Times by Medicare Part D Plans (PDF File)

Drug Importation Analysis: Comparison of the Canadian Pharmaceutical Market Size with the U.S. and Implications for Drug Importation (PDF File)

A Review of Prior Authorization Programs: Antihemophilic, Antineoplastic, and Antiretroviral Agents (PDF File)

The Economic Impact of Legislative Market Intervention on the Life Science Industry: A Texas Perspective (PDF File)

A Review of the Office of Inspector General Report: Medicaid Pharmacy-Actual Acquisition Cost of Brand Name Prescription Drug Products (PDF File)

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Last Reviewed: June 22, 2009

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