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Janet C. Walkow, Ph. D.

Dr. Janet Walkow joined the faculty of the University of Texas in 2008, building on a successful career in the pharmaceutical industry, where she led efforts ranging from R&D to corporate strategy.  Leading the Drug Dynamic Institute, a collaborative research center, Janet brings together scientists and investigators to work on novel solutions for disease and healthcare issues. The institute partners with university, industry and community leaders to foster collaborations and develop ways to eliminate barriers to commercialization opportunities.  Following her pharmaceutical executive career, Janet founded MxV, llc, where she had the opportunity to work in a variety of business settings and lead strategic planning, communications and integration activities for companies ranging from start-ups to the Fortune 100. Her success and expertise in both scientific and business arenas blends technical, analytical and leadership skills, allowing Janet to effectively manage research programs, develop business strategies and successfully launch products and programs in the marketplace. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Health Promotion Council of Pennsylvania and the Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Board.

Alan Watts, Ph. D.

As assistant director of the Drug Dynamics Institute (DDI), Dr. Alan Watts works with development-focused pharmaceutical researchers in academia and industry in advancing drug products through the preclinical stage.  Projects range from early stage physicochemical characterization to in vivo efficacy and safety. Specific emphasis has been placed on development and testing of inhaled formulations including initial aerosol characterization, preclinical efficacy models, and GLP inhaled toxicity.  Alan also oversees the UTech Dorm Room wet lab incubator space located within the College of Pharmacy.  This collaborative effort between DDI, Austin Technology Incubator (ATI), and the City of Austin was formed to provide a wet-lab infrastructure supportive of local biotech start-ups and life science entrepreneurs.           

With academic and industry experience in drug product development, Alan has first-hand knowledge of the steps necessary to reach the clinical stage.  During his time in industry, Alan worked for two small companies developing drug products to be delivered by dry powder inhalation.  His experience in this field has led to a comprehensive understanding of the steps necessary for the formulation, characterization, efficacy testing and safety testing of inhaled products.

Greg D. Lyness, Ph. D.

Dr. Greg D. Lyness became senior research manager at TherapeUTex in August of 2011. Greg worked as an analytical chemist at a Food and Drug Administration District Office and later for the Forensic Chemistry Center. His preclinical training included studying chemoresistance modulators in urologic cancers and he continued these studies along with drug-loaded nano- and microparticle development at Optimum Therapeutics. Prior to joining TherapeUTex, Greg worked at CSL Behring as a senior scientist in R&D.
As senior research manager of TherapeUTex, Greg oversees the daily operations in addition to the management of research projects. He performs and provides training for many of the analytical instruments and techniques that TherapeUTex provides and has expertise in many in vitro and in vivo models.  His FDA, pharmaceutical industry, GMP and in vivo experience, provide value throughout the Drug Dynamics Institute.

Ayesha Batra

Ayesha Batra joined the Drug Dynamics Institute in the summer of 2011 as a research associate and provides scientific technical assistance to TherapeUTex and UT Advance.  She has a strong basic science and clinical research background.   Ayesha’s experience includes working in regulated environments and she is Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) trained.  She is skilled in performing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies, histological tissue preparation and analysis, and development studies for therapeutic entities. 

Tamara Tarbox

Tamara Tarbox joined the Drug Dynamics Institute as Senior Analytical Scientist in January 2013.  In her previous role as Senior Analytical Chemist for a chemical manufacturer and contract research firm, Tamara developed chromatographic methods for hundreds of molecules including primarily pharmaceuticals, degradants and metabolites, as well as environmental pollutants, forensic compounds, phytochemicals, and other natural products.  As Analytical R&D Section Manager for a contract research firm, Tamara performed accelerated and long-term stability studies on various dosage forms including buccal tablets, oral suspensions, hot melt extrusion films, extended release and enteric-coated tablets.  With over 10 years of GMP experience in method development, validations, and method transfers, Tamara contributes valuable technical and analytical expertise to UT Advance. 

Carrie A. Crowley

Carrie Crowley joined the Drug Dynamics Institute in September of 2012. Carrie has worked in the field of Pharmaceutical Quality and Regulatory Affairs for more than 16 years. Her experience includes a Quality Control Scientist at Mission Pharmacal where she gained hands-on experience with analytical chemistry. Her tenure at PharmaForm, a contract manufacturing facility, allowed her to build the quality system from the ground up. She managed over fifty client audits and directed the Quality Program which included Controlled Substances and the Safety Program of potent compounds.

As the Document Control Specialist at UT Advance she provides support to the quality systems in a regulated laboratory environment at UT Advance. Her knowledge of the regulatory framework within which the pharmaceutical industry operates has been a great asset to the company.


Our goal is to aid the progression of drug products and technologies through the development process by providing services including drug formulation and delivery, in vitro and in vivo preclinical and proof-of-concept studies, histological preparation, and lab-scale formulation and production.
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We've built the regulatory environment necessary to meet FDA requirements for drug evaluation. And, we've assembled the scientific expertise to design effective studies. Our goal is to assist researchers by providing the studies required for a successful FDA submission.
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The UTech Dorm Room provides wet lab space for Austin's bioscience community.
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