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The Drug Dynamics Institute will be recognized as the global partner of choice in the preclinical evaluation, development, and translation of drug products and technologies that improve healthcare outcomes.


The Drug Dynamics Institute provides novel and innovative solutions in the modeling, evaluation, and development of therapeutically active agents utilizing state of the art translational research tools and methods. The Drug Dynamics Institute will use its extensive scientific expertise in seamless collaboration with our academic, industry, and government partners to foster and facilitate advancement of therapeutic innovations leading to human clinical trials.

  • Customized proof of concept studies
  • Preclinical and GLP compliant facilities
  • Wet lab incubator space for bioscience companies
  • In vivo / In vitro biomarker evaluation
  • Imaging facilities access
  • Immunohistochemistry; custom and traditional histology sample preparation
  • Drug delivery system development, characterization, and optimization
  • Materials characterization
  • Laboratory-scale production of pharmaceutical dosage forms
  • Full complement of inhaled product evaluation tools
  • Strategic study design, research planning, protocol development

Core Values

  • Scientific innovation and problem solving
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Client focused
  • Collaborative partner with scientists, organizations and the community
  • Excellence in research and education



Our goal is to aid the progression of drug products and technologies through the development process by providing services including drug formulation and delivery, in vitro and in vivo preclinical and proof-of-concept studies, histological preparation, and lab-scale formulation and production.
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We've built the regulatory environment necessary to meet FDA requirements for drug evaluation. And, we've assembled the scientific expertise to design effective studies. Our goal is to assist researchers by providing the studies required for a successful FDA submission.
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The UTech Dorm Room provides wet lab space for Austin's bioscience community.
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