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Our plotter allows posters to be printed that are either 36 or 44 inches tall and up to 86 inches wide. Due to high demand and limited resources, the Instructional Development Lab (IDL) limits poster printing services to the College of Pharmacy for professional use only.

To offset the cost of our high quality photo paper and toners, we charge $15 / linear foot for posters. For example, a poster that is either 36 or 44 inches tall and 5 feet wide is charged at a rate of $75.

All charges are made via IDT. Upon completion of the project, we will give you a form to enter an account number and authorization.

Scheduling your poster:

Scheduling ahead of time helps us to reserve time from other projects to focus on your project; and, it locks in a date for you. So, even if your deadline is months away, feel free to add your name to our calendar. It is important to note that when scheduling your poster date, you need to allow enough time before you need the final poster for reviewing a draft and making limited revisions. Normally, we do not schedule posters for Fridays.

Whenever it is possible according to our schedule, we do accept short notice for printing provided that you turn in a file that is ready to be printed (PDF or Illustrator format). However, it is risky to wait until the last minute to try to get on the schedule because availability will depend on the lab schedule as well as on availability of staff to assist you. In general, the lab is closed on Fridays and after 3PM everyday. If you are planning to submit a poster, it is always preferable to schedule it on our calendar ahead of time.

There are several ways you can schedule your poster printing:

  1. Drop by the IDL in PHR 3.112 to add your name to our calendar any day Monday through Thursday between 7AM and 3PM.
  2. Call (512-475-9177) or send email to with a few potential dates near your conference deadline. We will l let you know which dates are still available and add you to our calendar.

Preparing your files:

Most people prepare their poster content in PowerPoint, Illustrator or Word. IDL staff then move that content into Illustrator (where necessary) for printing. We can either design the content arrangement for you, or mimic a layout you provide. (We have plenty of samples you can look at too!)

You can also turn in your final file in pdf format. If you select this option, your file will be printed exactly as is without a draft or the possibility of modifications. Please note that while you are welcome to use all the color you want for images or text, the files must have a white background color to avoid using a large amount of ink. You will need to have a file that is at least 150dpi at actual size. Posters may be no larger than 36in x 86in or 44in x 86in, with the poster height at either 36 or 44 inches exactly.

We try to be as flexible as we can for design, letting you have as little or as much control as you like.

When you bring the files to us, please be sure to have the content in its final form. Posters are to be turned in no later than 9AM on the day you schedule. Late posters will be accepted, but priority for that day may go to someone else if they turn in their poster before you do. If you are preparing the poster with a group of people, or if your supervisor will be included as an author, you will need to have him or her review and approve the content before you submit it to us. This requirement is very important because sometimes content changes after a draft is reviewed can mean that we have to re-do the entire layout. Every edit takes time, but major edits can sometimes mean we practically have to start over. If a number of projects are pending, we may not be able to give you the additional time you need.

Posters smaller than 48 inches in length can be printed directly from PowerPoint.

Reviewing and Printing:

Whenever time permits, we'll give you a miniature version of your poster to review. We highly recommend that you have a colleague or supervisor review the draft with you before you commit to having your full-sized poster printed.

After you give us the changes you want made, we will make corrections. If time permits, we'll print a second miniature poster for your review. Otherwise, you can look at the file on our screens in the lab. Minor changes to your draft are not a problem. We fully understand that when you see the poster in print you may catch some things you did not notice before. Major changes to content will be made only if our schedule permits.

Checklist (Information you will need to provide the IDL staff):

___ maximum dimensions as specified for your conference or event (sizes are different for each conference so there is no standard size)
___ any layout or color preferences you may have
___ deadline by which final poster must be picked up
___ request a miniture copy which you can duplicate for handouts if needed
___ leave contact information where you or your supervisor can be reached by IDL staff so that we can let you know when your rough draft is ready for review; or, so that we can reach you if we have any questions

For additional information:

Please contact the IDL Manager:
Belinda G. Lehmkuhle

(512) 475-9177
PHR 3.112

Publishing your poster on the web:

If you would like to have a pdf version of your poster available on the web, please print and complete a Web Publishing Authorization form and submit that form to the IDL Manager. The document will ask for the signature of both the primary author and his or her supervising faculty. The poster will then be published in our Poster Library.

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