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Classroom Options

Room Seats Computer Video Conf DocCam Lecture Capture Restrictions Chalk/White Board
2.108 133 Both Yes Yes Yes 5 Chalk
2.110 137 Both No Yes Yes 5 Chalk
2.114 57 Both No Yes No 5 Chalk
2.116 44 PC No Yes No 1,5 White
2.208 32 Both Yes Yes Yes 1,3 Chalk
2.214 18 Both * Yes No 1,3 White
3.106 136 Both Yes Yes Yes 1,2 Chalk
3.110 30 Both * Yes No 3 White
3.114A 10 Both No ** No 1,4 White
3.114B 12 Both No ** No 1,4 White
3.114C 8 None * ** No 1,4 White
3.114D 8 Both * ** No 1,4 White
4.114 51 Both Yes Yes Yes 1,2 Chalk
5.108 25 None * ** No 2 None
5.214 28 Both * Yes No 1,3 None
*Limited availability of a mobile video conferencing cart.
** Limited availability of a portable doc cam.

  1. No food allowed
  2. No reservations permitted after 5PM without prior approval from the dean's office
  3. Reservations after 5PM require key to be checked out from the dean's office
  4. Jaime N. Delgado Learning Resource Center Hours Fall/Spring - available Mon-Thu 8AM - 9PM, Friday 8AM-5PM, with the exception of holidays and between semesters. Summer hours - available with approval from the dean's office
  5. Student Organizations must reserve through the dean of students

General Information about all rooms
  1. Wireless network access is available in each room with your UT-EID.
  2. Instructor may use their own laptop for presenting.
  3. To reserve a room, please visit our Room Reservation Request Form. If you have any questions about the room reservation, please email phr.reservation
  4. If you have question about the classroom technology, please email Jay Hamman.


Last Reviewed: November 9, 2015

To make a room reservation request, please make your selection, then visit the reservation form.

About our rooms

While all of our rooms can support mobile videoconferencing, it is best to select rooms with that feature built in whenever possible.

If you have any questions not answered on the room information pages, contact phr.reservation

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