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Turning Point Instructions for Faculty

Step 1 – Once at beginning of semester
 Download a Participant List (generated by students registering their clickers):

  1. Navigate to: Turning Point App>Tools>Integrations

  2. Enter: Management System: Blackboard and Server URL:  (don't forget the "s" in "https"!) If you forget this address just go to your browser where you normally log-in to Blackboard and copy that address—it's the same)

  3. Enter you UT EID and Password. Then Click "Next" Do not worry about the "Institution name" it will find that automatically.

  4. Choose "Import a Participant List" from the 2 choices

  5. Select the class you want a Participant List from and Choose "Finish" Then you will be prompted to Save this list. OR, new on this version, you can select the check  box below these class listings to have the selected Participant List imported immediately into the current presentation. You will also be prompted to save your list to flash drive

Step 2 – Beginning of each class
  1. Open turning point presentation

  2. On right-side menu of Turning Point pull down options in “Participant List:  and choose whatever you named it on your flash drive

  3. Collect answers during class
Step 3 – End of each class
On top menu of Turning Point: Tools > Reports > Current session > Generate report > By participants – Save as [Save session to flash drive as excel file.]

For additional help or information:

Please contact :
John Reineke

(512) 475-9175

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