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The University provides information and academic advice to students to assist them in making proper academic decisions. The dean of each college or school is responsible for providing an effective system of information dissemination and advising that is appropriate to the academic programs of that college or school. Each unit seeks to provide the most current and accurate information and advice possible. "Each student is expected to take responsibility for his or her education and personal development. The student must know and abide by the academic and disciplinary policies given in this catalog and in the General Information, including rules governing quantity of work, the standard of work required to continue in the University, scholastic probation and dismissal, and enforced withdrawal. The student must also know and meet the requirements of his or her degree program, including the University's basic education requirements; must enroll in courses appropriate to the program; must meet prerequisites and take courses in the proper sequence to ensure orderly and timely progress; and must seek advice about degree requirements and other University policies when necessary." (Please see "Student Responsibility" section in the catalog in effect.)

Academic advising is an on-going activity by the Office of Student Affairs in the College of Pharmacy (PHR 5.112). Therefore all students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this on-going activity and seek advice when needed about degree requirements, the availability of course offerings each semester, and taking courses in proper sequence.

The degree program in the College of Pharmacy is described in detail in the College of Pharmacy section of The Undergraduate Catalog from The University of Texas at Austin. Each student should seek the help of academic advisers to clarify questions concerning the program itself or his/her progress through the program.

Advising is not an activity restricted to the time just before registration; it is an ongoing activity in the College of Pharmacy. All students are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and seek advice and guidance any time it is needed.

The place to go for academic advising and career counseling is the Office of Student Affairs in the College of Pharmacy in PHR 5.112. Advisors are available on a walk-in basis or by appointment between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Student Affairs Office is also open over the noon hour for students to pick up or leave messages, make appointments, and have access to advising handouts.

The staff in this office maintains each student's academic records and will also provide each student with academic advising or career counseling whenever he/she feels the need for it. The office processes adds, drops and withdrawals; handles scholastic probation matters; and provides general information about University academic policies and procedures. Academic and career advisors are available to answer questions and to assist each student in designing an academic program that will make progress towards achieving his/her goals.

The availability of individual advisors will fluctuate weekly. When seeking advice, students are encouraged either to ask the receptionist which advisor is available for general advising or to make an appointment with a specific advisor.

Last Reviewed: July24, 2008

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