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Academic Advising for Pharm.D. Students
Three Step Procedure

The procedure listed below will help you achieve a smooth progression through the curriculum:
Step 1: Review the design of the curriculum
The curriculum flowchart (Pharm.D.) outlines the order in which courses should be taken. Become familiar with the design of the curriculum so that you can plan the placement of
  1. electives,
  2. PHR 176P: Experiential Pharmacy Practice and Patient Counseling , and
  3. the preference for the order of PHR 366P: Pharmacy Practice Laboratory I and PHR 364D: Pharmacy and the Health Care System.

Step 2: Compare degree requirements needed with degree requirements taken.
A degree check will be given to you during the Group Advising Session each semester. It will list the degree requirements -college and university requirements- and indicate those course requirements that you have yet to fulfill. The degree check tracks your progress toward your degree.

Step 3: Group Advising Sessions
Dates for academic advising prior to on-line registration are found in the on-line Course Schedule . It is important that students visit the Course Schedule because in addition to listing the days and times classes will be taught, and course unique numbers, it also summarizes procedures for registering, adding or dropping classes, using theon-line registration system, as well as listing deadline dates for various policies.

Students in the College of Pharmacy participate in advising sessions in groups. Each group will consist of students enrolled in a particular semester of the professional sequence. (Ex: Students enrolled in the fall of their first year will receive instructions as a group for spring classes; students enrolled in the fall of their second year will receive instructions as a group for spring classes, etc.) Specific session dates will be sent via email.

Individual academic advising will generally not be available to individual students during the official advising period prior to the group instruction sessions, but will be available to students during and following the group sessions. It is important to attend the group advising session each semester.

Although there is a group advising session each semester to inform each class about changes to the course schedule, changes in elective offerings, and changes to the curriculum, students may have questions that are specific to them. We encourage you to seek help from an academic advisor at any time.

Last Reviewed: July24, 2008

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