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We are living in one of the most dynamic and exciting periods in the history of pharmacy. The world population is living longer due to recent and rapid advances in health care, including the introduction of novel drug products which, logically following, will result in an anticipated doubling of prescriptions over the next several years. The complex interactions of these demographic, scientific and technological changes are affecting the practice of pharmacy in terms of the number and type of career pathways available to pharmacist practitioners. Pharmacy education is right in the middle of all of this change, helping to shape the practitioners, researchers and educators of the future.

The "traditional" careers of community and hospital pharmacy continue to be important components of the health care system, and jobs are plentiful for University of Texas graduates. Statistics on first employment for recent graduating classes indicate that about a third are working in community pharmacy (both independent and chain), while the most of the rest are employed in hospitals or participating in post-graduate educational opportunities, including residencies and graduate programs, and alternative types of pharmacy practice.

Other career pathways include those in academia, research, regulatory agencies, associations, consulting, pharmaceutical sales, the federal government and many others. New and innovative careers are coming into existence as you read this. So, how does one decide which field to enter?

It is most important, as a pharmacy student (and even as a practitioner), to engage in the following to learn as much as possible about career options and decide which one is best for you:

Last Reviewed: September 29, 2008

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