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Glenn Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment

The Glenn Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment was established by the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System on June 8, 1989, for the benefit of the College of Pharmacy. Gift funds were provided by Behrens Inc. of Waco, Texas. The endowment honors Mr. Glenn Smith of Waco, Texas.

Photo of Recipient

Dear Mrs. Smith,

I am honored and extremely grateful to be a recipient of the Glenn Smith Memorial Scholarship Endowment. Being a recipient means so much to me. I am very thankful for receiving this generous gift and will strive to do my best this year.

I am currently a fourth year pharmacy student attempting to finish my rotations and counting the days until my anticipated graduation date.  After that I hope to realize my dream of opening my own independent pharmacy.

Since my P1 year, I have been active in many organizations including NCPA. During that time, through my peers and the many NCPA speakers and conventions, my love for independent pharmacy was kindled. I plan on attending the NCPA convention in Orlando this October to further pursue that interest.

As I finish up this year and become a respectable part of the pharmacy community, I look forward to making a positive impact on both the profession and on the patients I will serve. I hope to grow both professionally and individually. I know my goals are lofty, and a tough road lies ahead of me, but I am extremely thankful for the gift and for the chance to pursue my dream. Thank you again.


Toan Nguyen

Current Recipient
Toan Nguyen 2013-2014

Past Recipients
Jobby John 2012-2013
Sarah Jolyne Bullock 2011-2012
Benjamin McNabb 2011-2012
Whitney Brace 2010-2011
Danielle Thomas 2009-2010
Irvin Nguyen 2008-2009
Cindy Luu 2007-2008
Stephanie Trbula 2006-2007
No recipient 2005-2006
No recipient 2004-2005
Alejandro Fierro 2003-2004
Rene Garza 2002-2003
Amy Hickerson 2001-2002
Celeste Harmon 2000-2001
Jill Jahn 1999-2000
Angela Green 1998-1999
Habiballah Abdus-Salaam 1997-1998
Yavonne Evans 1996-1997
Jennifer Nicole Eyre 1995-1996
Dana Davis 1994-1995
Jill Loehman 1993-1994
Ricky Dale James 1992-1993
Neville Govender 1992-1993
Paul Stephen Lozano 1991-1992

Last Reviewed: November 18, 2015

College Information

Mailing Address:
College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas
at Austin
2409 University Ave.
Stop A1900
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pharmacy


Scholarship Supports Pharm.D. Students Attending Graduate School

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B. Berard Matthews Scholarship are being accepted by The University of Texas (UT) at Austin College of Pharmacy.

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