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The College of Pharmacy strictly adheres to the "University Electronic Mail Student Notification Policy." Therefore, for e-mail communication with Pharmacy students, the College uses the official e-mail address listed with the University. Because of potential problems with autofiltering of mail handled by commercial accounts (e.g. aol, hotmail, etc), we strongly encourage students to claim and utilize their address as their official University address.

We also maintain group e-mail distribution lists corresponding to each of the academic years within the PharmD program (i.e. P1, P2, P3, and P4) for communication from the Dean's Office to our students, and these lists are refreshed on the first of every month. Therefore, when a student updates his or her official e-mail address with the University, the change will not immediately be reflected in the Pharmacy distribution list to which the student belongs. Consequently, students changing their email address should continue to routinely check their former e-mail address for important messages from the Dean's Office until such time they are confident that the new address is being used by the listserv.

Students should also understand that most faculty utilize Blackboard as the University-based course management system for web support of classes. When e-mails are sent through Blackboard, the student's official University e-mail address is electronically (automatically) accessed (i.e. faculty do not maintain their own, separate e-mail lists). Therefore, if a student is not receiving their e-mail because of a faulty address or commercial autofiltering (see above), the faculty simply cannot do anything to resolve the problem. This is another reason why we highly recommend that students claim and utilize their address as their official University address.

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Last Reviewed: August 13, 2008

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