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Food Safety Policy

There is a FOOD SAFETY program on campus that was implemented to ensure that food and beverages provided on campus are safe for consumption. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) staff is responsible for conducting food safety inspections of the permitted food vendors and kitchen facilities on campus, approving distribution of food and beverages on campus by staff, students, or vendors. Prior approval from EHS is required in order to serve food on campus that is considered POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS FOOD (PHF). PHF is any food item that, if handled or prepared improperly, can cause a foodborne illness. Some examples of PHF are fajitas, chicken salad, hamburgers, chef salads, sausage wraps, and submarine sandwiches.

Prior approval from EHS is required in order to serve food on campus that is considered POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS FOOD (PHF). Approval is not required for foods such as chips, cookies, candy, soda, and popcorn.

-Use this form (link below) when hiring a caterer to bring and/or serve PHF at your campus event or picking up PHF from a food establishment which you then serve on campus

- Use this form (link below) when preparing and serving PHF yourself

EHS requires a minimum of seven working days lead-time for requests to be reviewed and processed.

A copy of an EHS approved FOOD DISTRIBUTION FORM must be submitted to the Business Office with any payment or reimbursement voucher request. This is in addition to the Official Occasion Expense Form and all required backup documentation. Payments may be delayed or denied if this EHS approval is not included. (See links below)

DO NOT submit forms for food that is not potentially hazardous. Food distribution on-line forms are available from the EHS Food Safety web site. You will also have to submit an Official Occasion Expense Form with your payment voucher for processing.

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Last Reviewed: June 18, 2008

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