•Culture Committee
     *Will be responsible for the following events:
          – Hispanic Heritage Month (Fall – Must plan during summer)
          – 16 de Septiembre
          – Dia De Los Muertos (Fall – November 1st)
          – Culture Day (Spring – April)
          – Cinco de Mayo (Spring – May)

•Health Education Committee
     *Explore UT (Spring) – Responsible for COOP student events
     *KIP Events (Spring) – Doing health education presentations at local schools as well 
       as health screenings for students' parents 
     *Responsible for making posters, pamphlets, etc. regarding health education to 
       provide at health screenings and college/HAP related events

•Fundraising Committee
     *Coming up with ideas for new HAP merchandise/ in charge of HAP shirt
     *Ordering HAP merchandise during summer, fall and spring
     *Must table at every fundraising event (or have someone else table for you)

•Public Relations Committee
     *NSO – Show up to NSO and help recruit new members (Fall)
     *Updating Social Media-Websites/Blackboard/College of Pharmacy Website

•Community Service Committee
     *Setting up community service events for HAP members to participate in
     *Blood drives/canned food drives
     *Know Your Medicine Liaisons (Must participate in the Pharmacy Council Committee)

•Spanish Proficiency Committee
     *Spanish Seminar (Spring – April)
     *Spanish Lessons during Meetings (Beginner and Advanced)

•Social Committee
     *Plan three social events per semester (Spring and Fall)
     *Banquet (Spring) – Responsible for getting a sponsor and getting a restaurant reservation
     *Ordering food for general meetings

•Project Collaborate Jr. Rep (2 Year Term)
     *Must plan health screenings for Rio Grande Valley, El Paso and San Antonio Trips

•Pharmacy Council Representative
     *Provide updates at every chair meeting and general meeting 

Last Reviewed: February 3, 2014

College Information

Mailing Address:
College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas
at Austin
2409 University Ave.
Stop A1900
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pharmacy


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