Pharmacy Council

The mission of the Pharmacy Council is to provide an official voice through which student opinion may be expressed in the College of Pharmacy; provide a means for responsible and effective participation in this organization; allow a system to enhance the quality and scope of education within the College of Pharmacy; and provide support for projects related to Pharmacy as a profession and its related fields which will benefit the University, the College, the students and the community.

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2015-2016 Executive Committee Nominees

    Our Vision: Work in unity with the UT College of Pharmacy student body, professional organizations, and Pharmacy Council members to be the best pharmacy student governance in the world.

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Last Reviewed: March 24, 2015

College Information

Mailing Address:
College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas
at Austin
2409 University Ave.
Stop A1900
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pharmacy


Committee Chair Newsletter 2011-2012

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