Pharmacy Council
Officers & Committee Chairs
Photo of Officers

NameOffice or CommitteeE-mail address
R. Joel Moore President
Kristin Welsh Immediate Past President
Isaac Miller Vice President
Sana Qureshi Financial Director
Tim Phan Senate Rep
Angelina Castillo Student Government Rep  
Karla Torres Secretary  
Diane B. Ginsburg Faculty Advisor

Name Committee E-mail Address
Kathryn Broze Communications and Development
Feefelobari Yorka Communications and Development
Nicole Wilson Educational Events
P1 Student Educational Events
Mikaela Farrell Faculty Relations
Amanda Kitten Faculty Relations
Angelica Burgos Fundraising
Nicole Dominguez Fundraising
Ginger Garza Health Awareness and Interprofessional Events
Taylor Dean Health Awareness and Interprofessional Events
Scott Jermain Intramural Sports Coordinator
P1 Student Intramural Sports Coordinator
Brittny Henderson KYM Chair
Sarah Cho KYM Chair
Jenny Ma LPPA Liaison
Andre Arizpe New Student Orientation
Michael Kent New Student Orientation
Thuy Tran Project Collaborate - Sr. Chair
Sarah Rumbellow Project Collaborate - Jr. Chair
Isaac Perales Prospective Interview Chair
Lilian Tran Prospective Interview Chair
Angelica Cuenco Prospective Interview Chair
P1 Student Prospective Interview Chair
Tracy Acosta Student Affairs
Marilyn Mootz University Outreach
Jaclyn Chou University Outreach
Aanika Das   Welcome Chair
Robert Lamontagne Welcome Chair

Last Reviewed: July 1, 2014

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