Table of Contents

Article I - Name

Article II - Mission

Article III - Membership

Article IV - Officers

Article V - Duties of Officers

Article VI - Election of Officers

Article VII - Dues

Article VIII - Meetings

Article IX - Committees

Article X - Liaisons

Article XI - Travel Scholarship Eligibility

Article XII - Affiliation

Article XIII - Amendments

Article XIV - Parliamentary Authority

I. Name

The organization shall be known as the "University of Texas Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists (UTSSHP)."

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II. Mission

The mission of the University of Texas Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists is to make students aware of pharmacy practice in health systems; provide information to students about career directions in and credentials needed for pharmacy practice in health systems; and encourage membership and participation in the local, state society, and ASHP as a student and upon graduation.

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III. Membership

The membership of the student society shall consist of  pre-pharmacy and professional pharmacy students enrolled at the University of Texas in good academic standing, who submit an application to the student society, pay the required dues, and support the objectives of the student society. Members of the student society automatically become student members of the national, state, and local society of health-system pharmacists. Student society membership is discontinued upon graduation or loss of academic standing at the University of Texas. 

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IV. Officers

The officers of the student society shall be:

  1. President

  2. President-Elect

  3. Vice President

  4. Secretary

  5. Historian

  6. Treasurer

  7. Pharmacy Council Representative

  8. Committee Coordinator

  9. AASHP Student Member-at-Large

  10. TSHP Student Section Representative

  11. San Antonio, Pan Am, and El Paso Representative

These officers shall constitute the Executive Committee of the student society. In this body, the authority for the governance and general operation of the student society shall be vested. A faculty advisor will also serve as an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee.

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V. Duties of Officers

All Officers
All incoming officers will assume their respective duties and responsibilities on the day following the last day of Spring final examinations at the University of Texas. During their tenure as an officer of the University of Texas Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists, all officers shall keep updated records and documents that are pertinent to the management of the organization. Near the close of the Spring semester, all officers shall schedule a meeting with the incoming officer of his/her respective position to orient the incoming officer to the duties, responsibilities, and expectations required of that person as an officer of the University of Texas Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

1. President. 
The President shall be the principal elected officer of the student society, shall preside at all business meetings, and appoint, in consultation with the Executive Committee, the various committees and their chairperson(s). The President shall represent the student society at the annual and business meetings of the state society, the student section of the state society and at such other times and places and in such capacities as the state society board of directors may determine. The President shall have the privilege of serving the state society according to the bylaws of the state society. The President shall also serve as a member of the Pharmacy Council and attend all Pharmacy Council meetings and events. At the close of the President’s term, he/she, in coordination with the Committee Coordinator, will be responsible for completing the ASHP Recognition paperwork.

2. President-Elect. 
The President-Elect shall succeed to the office of President upon completing the term as President-Elect. He/she shall be assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the President.

3. Vice President. The Vice President shall assume the President’s responsibilities if the President is unable to perform his/her duties. He/she shall be assigned duties and responsibilities as determined by the President. The Vice President shall be principally responsible for all travel arrangements including but not limited to: making hotel arrangements and ensuring all travel paperwork required by the College of Pharmacy and the University of Texas is completed. The Vice President shall be responsible for distributing and accepting stipend applications from organization members for travel to state and national meetings. In coordination with the President and the Faculty Advisor, the Vice President will determine stipend recipients based on the criteria set forth in Section XI of the constitution.

4. Secretary. 
The Secretary shall maintain accurate society business records. The Secretary shall forward pertinent student society information to the state society and the ASHP Pharmacy Student Forum on a regular basis and will also be responsible for the chapter's correspondence. The Secretary shall circulate a roll sheet at every meeting and maintain records of member participation in all scheduled activities. The Secretary shall be responsible for enrolling new members and renewing existing members including, but not limited to, distributing membership applications, accepting membership dues, and submitting member applications and dues to the local, state, and national affiliates.

5. Historian. The Historian shall keep video, photographic, and other records of all SSHP activities. He/she shall update the bulletin board every semester.

6. Treasurer. 
The Treasurer shall maintain an accurate record of the chapter's income and expenditures. Signatures of the Treasurer, the President, the President-Elect, or an officer appointed by the President shall be required to execute the society's checks. The Treasurer shall abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Student Organization bank at the University of Texas and the College of Pharmacy.

7. Pharmacy Council (PC) Representative. 
The PC Representative shall attend all meetings of the Pharmacy Council and represent UTSSHP. The PC Representative shall also report all pertinent information from Pharmacy Council to the student society's members and encourage member involvement in Pharmacy Council activities. 

8. Committee Coordinator. 
The Committee Coordinator shall oversee all the chapter’s committees and their activities. He/she shall report all committee activities to the President. In addition, the Committee Coordinator shall encourage member involvement in all chapter activities. The Committee Coordinator shall aid the Secretary in maintaining records of member participation in scheduled organization activities. The Committee Coordinator shall aid the President in the completion of the ASHP Recognition paperwork.

9. AASHP Student Member-at-Large. The AASHP Student Member-at-Large shall serve as a liaison between AASHP and UTSSHP. This position is elected at the AASHP meeting and he/she shall serve on the AASHP Board of Directors.

10. TSHP Student Representatives. 
The TSHP Student Representatives shall attend all meetings of the Student Section Executive Committee and represent The University of Texas. The Representatives shall report any pertinent TSHP information to the local chapter and encourage member involvement in TSHP activities. 
 This position is appointed by the president of TSHP.

11. San Antonio, Pan Am, and El Paso Represenatives. The San Antonio, Pan Am, and El Paso Representatives shall attend all UTSSHP meetings and serve as liaisons between the organization and their respective campus sites. They shall be elected by the students on their campus sites.

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VI. Election of Officers

Election of officers and terms shall be as follows:


Election Date

Term of Office





1st Spring meeting


Vice President-Elect

1st Spring meeting


Committee Coordinator

3rd Spring meeting



3rd Spring meeting



Beginning of the semester

One semester


3rd Spring meeting


Pharmacy Council Representative

Beginning of the semester

One semester

AASHP Student Member-at-Large

As determined by AASHP


TSHP SSEC Representative

As determined by TSHP


San Antonio Representative

As determined by the campus site


Pan Am Representative

As determined by the campus site


El Paso Representative

As determined by the campus site


No officer shall hold more than one office or committee chair position at a given time, unless the position is not filled.  No officer shall hold the same position for more than one term.

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VII. Dues

Membership dues shall be due at the beginning of the Fall semester at a date determined by the officers of the organization. Membership dues will include the costs of membership in the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists, the Austin Area Society of Health-System Pharmacists and the University of Texas Student Society of Health-System Pharmacists.  Application for student society membership with the required dues shall be submitted to the Secretary.  At the President's discretion on a case-to-case basis, special arrangements regarding the payment of dues can be made.

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VIII. Meetings

The following meetings shall be held:

1. Regular Executive Committee business meetings and general membership meetings shall be conducted twice a month during the semester or as deemed necessary by the President.
2. A general meeting of the student society can be called if ten members of the student society submit to the President a request for such a meeting with a proposed agenda at least seven days before such meeting is to be held.
3. A quorum to conduct the student society's regular business shall consist of ten active members.

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IX. Committees

The President, in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall appoint standing and special committees, as necessary, to carry out the programs and activities of the student society. Each standing or special committee shall consist of at least three members, including a chairperson. 

Committee proposals may be made by any member of the organization and should consist of a formalized document outlining the mission and goals of the proposed committee as well as project ideas.  All committee proposals shall be reviewed by the officers, and a majority vote of the Executive Committee is required in order to establish a new committee. 

Any member of the Executive Committee may propose to do away with an existing committee of the organization.  These proposals shall be reviewed and discussed by the officers, and a majority vote of the Executive Committee is required to do away with an existing committee.  

Committees and Duties

Fundraising Committee-Shall increase funds for the organization by selling merchandise and seeking outside support for organizational activities with the assistance of the Development Specialist for the College of Pharmacy.

Social Committee-Shall provide/arrange for lunch at meetings as designated by the President and plan other social events for members including activities at state/national meetings.

Service-Shall arrange for members to participate in service projects that benefit the local community and promote the development of member participation in volunteer activities.

At the elections meeting, the Committee Coordinator shall call for members interested in chairing a committee to sign up for consideration as a chairperson. The Committee Coordinator shall preside over all the committee chairs.

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X. Liaisons

In consultation with the Executive Committee, the President may appoint student member(s) as liaison(s) to other organizations with which an arrangement of this nature will be mutually beneficial.

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XI. Travel Scholarship Eligibility

In order to be eligible for a travel scholarship to attend a state or national meeting, the student must be an existing member of the organization.  Pharm.D. students who are completing their degree away from the Austin campus and were formerly active in UTSSHP will be eligible to receive a scholarship in the pool with general members.

Priority in awarding travel scholarships will be based on a point system, as determined by the officers in coordination with the Faculty Advisor, in order to rank stipend applications received from UTSSHP student members. The students with the greatest number of points will receive travel stipends. The point system shall be used to help the UTSSHP Executive officers identify those students who have been most active in school, local, state, and national chapters to ensure that those students who are most deserving will receive a travel stipend.

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XII. Affiliation

The student society of health-system pharmacists shall be an affiliate of the Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists. The state society and student society shall meet annually to review the affiliation agreement between the two groups and conduct other business, as deemed necessary.

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XIII. Amendments

These documents may be amended at any regular general membership meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of those members present. Any proposed changes shall be presented by two or more student members to the President in writing at least two weeks prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. The President shall schedule the amendment as an item of new business at the next regularly scheduled business meeting. Once approved, it shall then be submitted to the entire active membership and shall be approved by a majority vote of them.

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XIV. Parliamentary Authority

Robert's Rules of Order, latest revision, shall be the parliamentary authority with respect to all procedures not specified in the governing documents of the student society.

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