Travel Stipends

For the 2013-2014 academic year, travel stipends awarded for state and national conferences are:

ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting

P4 students: 12 $450 travel stipends
P1-P3 students: 6 $450 travel stipends

TSHP Annual Seminar

P1-P4 students: 20 $125 travel stipends

ASHP Summer Meeting

P1-P4 students: 2 $380 travel stipends

Criteria for Awarding Travel Stipends

A point system is used to rank stipend applications received from UTSSHP student members. The students with the greatest number of points will receive travel stipends. The point system is used to help the UTSSHP Executive officers identify those students who have been most active in UTSSHP, AASHP, TSHP, and ASHP to ensure that those students who are most deserving will receive a travel stipend.

Points are awarded based on following (Items are listed in order of rank priority.):
-Past or Present Year-long Officer Positions (President, VP, Committee Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer)
-Participation in PPS or Residency Matching Program (only applicable to P4 ASHP Midyear stipend applications)
-Past or Present Poster Presentations at State or National Meetings (Points are only awarded for posters presented for or about ASHP, TSHP, or UTSSHP, not for personal or College of Pharmacy research posters.)
-Past or Present Committee Chair Positions, Pan Am Rep, El Paso Rep
-Past or Present TSHP Involvement (SSEC, Council member, etc)
-Past or Present ASHP Involvement (Advisory Groups, Councils, Forums, etc)
-Past or Present Semester-long Officer Positions (PC Rep, Historian, San Antonio Rep)
-Past or Present AASHP Involvement (Student Member-at-Large)
-Volunteer Activities (Volunteering or helping with any UTSSHP, TSHP, or ASHP event including screenings, health fairs, fundraisers, socials, etc. Points are awarded for each volunteer activity.)
-Attendance at Past State Meetings
-Attendance at UTSSHP, AASHP & ASHP meeting (Points awarded per meeting attended.)
-Number of Years as a UTSSHP member (Points awarded per year.)

Last Reviewed: August 13, 2013

College Information

Mailing Address:
College of Pharmacy
The University of Texas
at Austin
2409 University Ave.
Stop A1900
Austin, TX, USA

Email Address: pharmacy


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