Project Collaborate

What is Project Collaborate?

Our mission is to provide health maintenance evaluations to many in Texas' underserved communities. Student pharmacists provide the health screenings free of charge in a variety of environments. Patients often represent populations with limited financial resources, lack of insurance or language barriers that prevent them from utilizing similar services.

Project Collaborate is also a vehicle for student orgnizations at The University of Texas College of Pharmacy to combine resources and manpower in their outreach efforts to patients. Students hone their clinical skills and knowledge while offering a service that benefits the community.

Vietnamese Health Screening


Forty-five pharmacy students traveled to Lanier High School in north Austin to conduct a health screening for the underserved Asian community.

Hispanic Health Fair


Hundreds of patients make their way to Hispanic Health Fair to take advantage of free health screenings including blood glucose and cholesterol testing, blood pressure monitoring, and body mass index calculations. 

Valley Health Screening


Thirty-three first- and second-year students made the five-hour drive to Edinburgh, Texas, in order to conduct a health screening for underserved populations in the Rio Grande Valley.

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Last Reviewed: April 15, 2013

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About Project Collaborate

During the 2010-2011 academic year, the first year of the collaborative venture, the student organizations collectively provided 15 health screenings that served almost 1,500 patients. Since then, Project Collaborate has coordinated over 46 events, reaching out to over 4407 patients.

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