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Students enter the Pharm.D. program after successfully completing a common core of pre-requisite coursework that prepares them for the challenges of the pharmacy curriculum.  Once in the program, they find support to further assure their success through a variety of academic resources including access to class handouts and notes via Canvas and to peer tutoring services.

The university is home to the nation's fifth largest academic library, containing more than 8 million volumes housed in 17 different libraries across campus.  Including in this collection is the Clinical Information Center that supports teaching and research in the College of Pharmacy.

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Course Materials

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Learning Resource Center
Essay on Students Requesting Changes in the Examination Schedule
Essay on Statistical Analysis of Questions
Essay on Final Exam Re-Examination
Essay on Reconsideration Requests
Essay on Request for Alternate Examination Time Form
P3/P4 Relocation Appeals

Counseling & Mental Health
Online Drug Information Resources
UT Learning Center
UT Direct

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