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12RFQ0001 - CAM - On-Going Professional Services

Project Summary

The scope of work includes the On-Going Professional Services generally outlined below.

We are soliciting “Statements of Qualifications” (“Qualifications”) for selection of ON-GOING PROFESSIONAL SERVICES firms for VARIOUS ON-GOING ARCHITECTURAL, ENGINEERING AND OTHER PROFESSIONAL SERVICES at The University of Texas at Austin, Main Campus, Pickle Research Campus, Marine Science Institute, McDonald Observatory, Winedale Historical Center and other Off-Campus and out of Austin Facilities, RFQ No.: 12RFQ0001,  in accordance with the terms, conditions, and requirements set forth in this Request for Qualifications. 

In order to provide timely and cost-effective design and other specialized services, UT, PMCS proposes to enter into Master Agreements for On-Going Professional Services with various firms who can provide these services. Contracts will be executed using individual “Project Assignments”. Each different Functional Discipline of service may have a different volume or number of project assignments as the renovation and available budgetary needs may require. There is no guarantee that any SPECIFIC MINIMUM DOLLAR amount of fees will be awarded. Upon mutual consent, the Master Agreements may be extended for a period of four (4) additional one calendar year renewals under the same general terms and conditions with any added modifications due to codes, software versions, firms' revised hourly rate schedule as may be approved, new UT, PMCS policies, etc.

The award of individual “Project Assignments” shall be based on the expertise of the Professional Service Provider, their successful performance on prior assignments, the number of projects needed to be designed (after evaluation of UT staff availability), and the availability of funding for projects. Professional Services fees for individual project assignments will be negotiated based on the governing rules of the UT Board of Regents of The University of Texas System.  These fees will vary depending upon the types of services required and the project types.

The successful respondent(s) shall provide hourly rates for additional services or hourly not to exceed tasks as a part of executing the awarded Master Agreement (attachment 2). These rates shall be based on performance tasks (Principal, Senior Engineer, Drafting Technician, clerical, etc.) (Not individual names) and be submitted during the contracting process and negotiations. Initial hourly rates shall be for the base year of the contract. These rates may be negotiated for each of the subsequent renewal periods, as applicable.   

NOTE: No hourly rates schedule shall be submitted in the response to this Request for Qualifications (RFQ).

It is intended that the successful Prime Respondents shall provide a minimum of 25% of all capabilities with permanent in-house staffing and expertise for each “Project Assignment(s)”. It is expected that the Prime Firm have the main expertise on staff and that it not be just a Broker firm that hires or subs all elements of service.

The Scope of Work will vary from project assignment to project assignment in complexity and the scope of services to be provided by the Prime Professional Service Provider.  Services to be provided may include one or more of the items of service listed below:

Program Evaluation, Feasibility Analysis, Testing, Studies/Reports, Conceptual Design, Cost Estimates, Schematic Design, Design Development, Bidding Construction Documents, basic Construction Administration, as-constructed drawings and more extensive construction phase quality control and monitoring.

For projects which may include one or more of the following disciplines:

Civil, soils evaluation, demolition, asbestos, lead or mold  abatement, floor, wall and ceiling finishes and construction, restoration or replacement of equipment for labs, Structural, HVAC and plumbing modifications, electrical, fire alarm, fire sprinkler modifications, telecom and security systems, and other specific project-related needs.

All firms will be required to comply with all necessary / applicable codes (Life safety, NFPA 101, etc.), other regulations, TDLR and “UT Design and Construction Standards” as may be additionally stated in the On-Going Master agreement, subsequent renewals and specific project assignments.

Project Pre-Submittal Conference Location

J.J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC) Big Tex Auditorium

PRC Commons


J.J. Pickle Research Campus Parking Map

PRC parking

Key Dates:

  • Pre-Submittal Conference Site: J.J. Pickle Research Campus Commons Learning Center Room 1.102
  • Pre-Submittal Conference Date: May 11, 2012 Time: 8:00 A.M.
  • Notice to Proposers Out: April 30, 2012
  • Specifications available on or about: May 4, 2012
  • Envelopes #1 and #2 and Public Response Acknowledgement Date: June 4, 2012 Time: 2:00 P.M.
    (All proposal envelope openings held at FC1, Room 2.102. See map below.)
  • No. of Addenda: 0

PMCS Offices:

Map to PMCS Offices

Directions to PMCS:

FC1 - Facilities Complex Building 1, 1301 E. Dean Keeton, Austin (Corner of Dean Keeton and Lafayette St.)

From the South: Take the Manor Rd. exit and continue north through the light passing Mt. Calvary cemetery on the right. Turn right at the LBJ Library sign and stay to the left. The Facilities Complex is just across Dean Keeton. Turn left. At the second driveway, turn right.

From the North: Take the Manor Rd exit. Turn left at Manor Rd. then left again onto the frontage road. Continue north, passing Mt. Calvary cemetery on the right. Turn right at the LBJ Library sign and stay to the left. The Facilities Complex is just across Dean Keeton. Turn left. At the 2nd driveway, turn right.