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Criminal Investigation Unit

The UTPD Criminal Investigation Unit is staffed by Lt. Chris Bonnet, Sgt. Paul Maslyk, Detective Michael Riojas, Detective Michael Larner, and Detective Vivian Benavides.

The unit handled 1,134 offenses during fiscal year 2001 and maintained an overall clearance rate of 15 percent. Each case assigned to an investigator is given an initial 10 day period for follow-up. Every complainant is contacted, no matter how minor the offense, to determine if any other pertinent information is available on the case and to insure that the complainant still wishes to file charges.

Among the many and varied duties performed by the CIU investigators on a daily basis are the collecting, evaluating and safeguarding of physical evidence, interviewing witnesses and complainants and interrogating suspects. The unit maintains a vast “mug shot” file and works closely with other local agencies in seeking information to solve crimes. The unit also maintains a major offense response policy, outlining procedures to follow in the event of an offense such as a sexual assault or homicide might occur.

The CIU is open each weekday from 7 a.m.-4 p.m. and investigators rotate weekly on an “on call” basis in the event of a serious offense after hours.

A fingerprint service is offered by the CIU for security-sensitive issues.