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July 30, 2014

Campus Watch: Below is a summary of campus activity reported to or observed by The University Police Department Patrol Officers between Tuesday, 07/29/14 and Wednesday, 07/30/14.

2300 Guadalupe

Driving While Intoxicated: A UT Police Officer observed a non-UT driver of grey Mini Cooper disregard a standing red light prior to driving the wrong way on a one-way roadway. Upon initiating the patrol vehicle’s red and blue lights there was “no response” from the driver of the Mini Cooper. Once the driver did come to a stop it was learned she had previously consumed what she called “a couple of drinks.” The pair of drinks must have been of large volume as she was believed to have been driving while intoxicated. Occurred on 07/30/14 at 1:50 AM.

200 East 24th Street

Leaving the Scene Collision: An unknown vehicle struck the right side of a BMW 4-door while the BMW was legally parked and unattended. The driver of the striking vehicle left the scene of the collision without leaving driver information. Repair cost: $500.00. Occurred on 07/29/14 between 9:30 AM and 5:00 PM.

The University of Texas Police Department responded to 24 Alarm Reports, 2 Traffic Violations, 1 Collision, 5 Public Assist Requests, 2 Unsecured Door Reports and 7 Suspicious Activity Reports between 07/29/14 and 07/30/14.

Contact UT Police at 471-4441 if you have any information regarding any of the above incidents or call 911 regarding suspicious persons, suspicious activities or crime. Your call may help solve or prevent a crime.
Campus Watch comments should be directed to Officer William R. Pieper at 512-232-9634 or via e-mail to photocop@mail.utexas.edu

Prepared by: Ofc. WR π/

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