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October 24, 2014

Campus Watch: Below is a summary of campus activity reported to or observed by The University Police Department Patrol Officers between Thursday, 10/23/14 and Friday 10/24/14.


Criminal Mischief: An unknown object was used to impact a window located inside a 3rd floor room. The impact caused the window to fracture and a large hole to form in the center of the glass. Repair cost: $150.00. Occurred between 10/23/14 at 2:00 AM and 10/23/14 at 8:53 PM.


Theft: A debit card was stolen when it was left at the café after the owner stopped for a quick break. At the time of the report, no unauthorized transactions had been made with the card. Occurred on 10/23/14 between 3:10 PM and 5:45 PM.

2300 San Antonio

Assist Outside Agency: A non-UT subject was stopped for riding his bicycle the wrong way on a one-way roadway. The subject was found to have two outstanding outside agency arrest warrants for possession of marijuana and failing to appear in court. Occurred on 10/23/14 at 3:35 PM.

2500 University

Assault by Threat: A UT staff member reported having several problems with a co-worker over the course of the last year. The staff member stated those problems culminated in the co-worker yelling threats to cause bodily harm to her as she walked to her parked vehicle. Occurred on 10/14/14 at 2:22 AM.

200 East 21st Street

Consumption of Alcohol by a Minor: A UT police officer was minding his own business while driving down the road when through his open car window he heard a UT student yell the word “cops” that was preceded by a mumbled word the officer could not detect. Believing the student may need police assistance, the student, who was under the age of 21, was stopped. The student admitted the unknown word was in fact a less sophisticated word for the act of procreation. The student did need police services as he was found to have previously consumed alcoholic beverages. Occurred on 10/24/14 at 1:00 AM.

The University of Texas Police Department responded to 11 Alarm Reports, 6 Suspicious Activity Reports, 13 Traffic Violations, 1 Motor Vehicle Collision, 1 Medical Emergency Report, 4 Unsecured Door Reports, 2 Found Property Reports and 1 Public Assist Report between 10/23/14 and 10/24/14.

Prepared by: Ofc. WR π/
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