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November 30, 2015

Campus Watch: Below is a summary of campus activity reported to or observed by The University Police Department Patrol Officers between Wednesday, 11/25/15 and Monday, 11/30/15.

That Time Of Year…Again
Now that the tryptophan has runs its course we all know what that means, it is time to start compiling the “Best of The Campus Watch” list for 2015. If there was an entry you found particularly informative, helpful, entertaining or just down right funny, let us know. Before the winter break, I will send out the “Best of” list and ask for everyone to vote for their favorite. We will start off the new-year with the top ten for 2015.
It would help if you had the specific entry, but I will research any submission based on description, location, date and time etc.

ARNO NOWOTNY BUILDING, 709 East Martin Luther King

Burglary / Criminal Mischief: The metal wires that were used to secure an entry gate to the construction site were cut. The locking hasp to a storage trailer was then pried away from the trailer. A Milwaukee grinder, a Woodcraft Collar, and a DeWalt plunger router were stolen from the trailer. Loss value: $320.00. Repair cost: $150.00. Occurred between 11/24/15 at 4:30 PM and 11/25/15 at 10:00 AM.


Public Intoxication: A non-UT subject was observed stumbling heavily outside of section 17 during a football game. The subject was unable to stand or walk without assistance. The subject found to be under the influence of intoxicating beverages to the point Austin-Travis County EMS transported the subject to a local hospital for the treatment of alcohol poisoning. Occurred on 11/26/15 at 10:02 PM.


Theft / Criminal Trespass Warning: Two event staff employees were reported as accepting $20 in cash for admittance into the stadium. Problem was the event staff employees were not in ticket sales but were ticket takers. The two employees were dismissed, pending a theft investigation. The two, now former employees, were also issued written criminal trespass warnings. Occurred on 11/26/15 at 6:34 PM.


Assault by Contact: A non-UT subject reported he stood up and yelled, “Roll Tide!” in section 7 of the football stadium during the game. After bellowing the affection for his school, he was pushed from behind causing him to fall into the fans seated in the row in front of his seat. The Alabama student was not injured and did not wish to file charges. The pushing non-UT subject was located and ejected from the stadium. Occurred on 11/26/15 at 8:45 PM.


Assault by Contact: A non-UT subject confronted another non-UT subject in section 2 of the stadium about his unsavory word choices he made toward a third person in the stands. After the first subject spoke her mind she turned around to face the field only to be pushed in the back by the second subject. The push did not cause any pain and the first subject did not wish to file criminal charges. The second subject was then ejected from the stadium. Occurred on 11/26/15 at 9:29 PM.

JESTER ACADEMIC CENTER, 201 East 21st Street

Criminal Trespass Warning: A non-UT subject was reported as pointing his fingers, “like a gun” at people and being loud and obnoxious. The subject was located a short distance away. The subject denied pointing his finger like a gun at anyone but did admit to pointing at people in an effort to get them to move out of his way. The subject was issued a written criminal trespass warning. Occurred on 11/25/15 at 3:56 PM.

JESTER ACADEMIC CENTER, 201 East 21st Street

Criminal Trespass / Resisting Arrest: A non-UT subject was reported as loitering in a first floor student lounge. When officers entered the lounge, the subject exclaimed he was waiting for the officers to arrive – usually a good indication the call would be interesting. The subject initially provided his name as “T Dub.” When the subject’s actual name was revealed, it was learned he had received a written criminal trespass warning for being in the same lounge just the day before. Officers began to take the subject into custody when he stated “laws don’t apply to him” and tensed his muscles up to prevent the officers from placing the subject in handcuffs. The subject then told the officers they would “have to work for it.” Being the hard working officers they are, the officers continued their efforts until the subject was placed in handcuffs. Occurred on 11/27/15 at 11:40 PM.


Assault by Contact / Assault by Threat: A non-UT subject approached a Travis County Deputy, who was working traffic control for the UT football game, and asked the deputy if he wanted two free tickets to the game. When the Deputy declined the offer, the subject approached two other non-UT subjects and made the same offer. One of the other two subjects declined the offer by pushing the first subject in the chest. The other subject expressed his dissatisfaction for the offer by yelling threats at the first subject. The first subject was not injured by the push but did feel it was offensive. Occurred on 11/26/15 at 7:35 PM.

L. THEO BELLMONT HALL, 2109 San Jacinto

Criminal Trespass Warning: A non-UT subject was reported as soliciting money form pedestrians on the west side of the building. The subject was stopped and issued a written criminal trespass warning. Occurred on 11/25/15 at 1:34 PM.

MANOR PARKING GARAGE, 2017 Robert Dedman

Motor Vehicle Theft Recovery: A 2014 Toyota Prius, that had been reported as stolen to the Austin Police Department, was located on the 4th level of the parking garage. The vehicle was parked and unattended. Recovery value: $23,000.00. Discovered on 11/25/15 at 5:17 PM.

MCDONALD OBSERVATORY, 16120 State Highway 78

Theft: A visitor to the Observatory was summoned to the visitor’s desk to claim his wallet that had been turned in by an unidentified teenage male subject. When the visitor inventoried his wallet, he discovered $437.00 in cash was missing from his wallet. The visitor did not know at what point during his visit that he lost the wallet. The teenager who turned the wallet into lost and found was described as a white male in his mid-teens with a clear complexion, medium length hair and wearing a green nylon windbreaker. While you would think a teenager with a clear complexion would stand out, the teenager was not located. Reported on 11/23/15.


Graffiti: A black marker was used to write words and draw an image on 6th floor men’s restroom stall partition. Removal cost: $50.00. Reported on 11/12/15 at 3:38 AM.

RENAISSANCE MARKET, 2300 Guadalupe (non-UT property)

Assault Causing Injury: A non-UT subject flagged down a passing patrol officer and reported an unidentified subject kicked her in her side while she slept on the sidewalk. The kick caused her physical pain. The suspect briskly walked away from the scene after kicking the victim. The suspect was described as a white male in his mid-forties with grey hair and wearing blue jeans and a black jacket. Reported on 11/29/15 at 8:55 AM.


Possession of Marijuana / Possession of Drug Paraphernalia / Possession of a Controlled Substance: A patrolling patrol officer located a white Ford parked on the top level of the garage. The officer noted the windows on the vehicle appeared foggy indicating the vehicle may have been occupied. When the driver approached the driver’s door, the non-UT driver flung the door open releasing a plume of smoke with a distinctive odor. A subsequent search of the vehicle revealed a water bong with burned marijuana residue, a plastic bag with .002 ounces of marijuana and a plastic bottle with 12 prescription pills that the driver of the vehicle did not possess a prescription for. Occurred on 11/28/15 at 12:38 AM.


Criminal Trespass Warning: A non-UT subject was reported as yelling at pedestrians on the northwest side of the parking garage. The subject was located and testily stated he was trying to get directions to Highway 290. I provided the subject with directions and a map while my fellow officer provided the subject a written criminal trespass warning. After being released, the subject stood up and walked in the opposite direction of where he claimed he needed to go. Occurred on 11/25/15 at 12:53 PM.

WALTER WEBB HALL, 405 West 25th Street

Graffiti: A yellow paint marker was used to write a word on two columns located on the east exterior side of the building. Removal cost: $100.00. Reported on 11/26/15 at 10:51 AM.

2400 Guadalupe

Public Intoxication / Possession of a Fictitious Driver License: A UT Police Officer observed a non-UT male subject holding a non-UT subject upright in the middle of the roadway while he tried to hail a cab. The male subject stated he had just met the female subject, who was under the age of 21, at a downtown bar and was walking with her when she began to become less coherent. The female subject was not able to stand on her own and was deemed to be under the influence of an intoxicating beverage to the point Austin-Travis County EMS needed to transport her to a local hospital for the treatment of alcohol poisoning. The female subject was also found to be in possession of a fictitious driver’s license. Occurred on 11/29/15 at 1:45 AM.

The University of Texas Police Department responded to 87 Alarm Reports, 3 “Police Help” Callbox Activations, 3 Fire Alarm Activations, 29 Traffic Violations, 2 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 44 Suspicious Activity Reports, 4 Medical Emergency Assists, 2 Found Property Reports, 2 Unsecured Door Reports, 7 Welfare Concern Reports, and 14 Public Assist Requests between 11/25/15 and 11/30/15.

Prepared by: Ofc. WR π/
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