Best Practices   

Submitted by schools funded by the Houston Annenberg Challenge.



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 Rice University

      Best Practices Report


 Los Altos* Elementary

 Dual Language Art Instruction

      Georgia O'Keefe Lesson Plan


 Woodsedge* Middle School

      Reading Assessment

      A Teacher's Reflection

      Under My Head is Fire: Student Poems


 Los Altos* Elementary

      How to Create a Wetlands Lesson Plan

      Lessons & Resources


 Cochrane* Elementary

 Ceiling Tile Project: Integrating Art with Science

      Pictures            Text 


 Angelou* Elementary

      Content Specialists

      Making Time


 Los Altos* Elementary

 Dual Language Instruction Lesson Plan
  for Language Arts, Math, and Science

       The Banana / El Plátano


 Cochrane* Elementary

      Computer Graphics Lessons

* All school names are pseudonyms. 

Updated 1/21/02