Brief Description of the Houston Annenberg Challenge

Founded in 1997, the Houston Annenberg Challenge (HAC) was a $60 million, not-for-profit, public and private partnership. This is the largest single sum of private money ever dedicated to public school reform in the greater Houston area. The HAC reform initiative provided funding directly to:

94 schools in six school districts

Elementary, middle, and high schools

4,500 teachers

76,000 students

The goal of HAC to promote high academic achievement for all students was addressed by funding both teacher professional development and school-based programs. School-based programs, which were funded through a Request for Proposal (RFP) process, were required to address one or more of the following three objectives:

To personalize the learning environment to ensure that everyone from maintenance workers to the principal knows each child's name.

To reduce isolation by involving parents and others from the community in the school's activities.

To provide professional development for teachers that ensures exposure of all teachers to the latest research on school reform, and effective utilization of knowledge and practices supported by current research.




Updated 7/07/2002