The Houston Annenberg Challenge

Research & Evaluation Study

School Case Studies, 2002

Case studies are downloadable pdf files; estimated size is listed.

Angelou Elementary     1.3 MB

Jo Worthy & Amy Langencamp, The University of Texas

Cochrane Elementary     2.0 MB

Cheryl J. Craig, Cazilda C. Steele, & Angela López Pedrana, University of Houston

Glendale Elementary     780 KB

Douglas Foley & Kris Sloan, The University of Texas

Los Altos Elementary

Angela Valenzuela, The University of Texas

Nixon Elementary     3.6 MB

Lonnie Wagstaff & Rebecca M. Brown, The University of Texas

Woodsedge Elementary     400 KB

Jacqueline Hawkins , Rice University

Clark Elementary/Mathews Middle School     1.1 MB

Chandra Muller, Kelly Goran Fulton, & Edward W. Morris, The University of Texas

Raven Middle School     1.2 M B

Andrea Foster, University of Houston

Sunnyvale Middle School     1.3 MB

Amy Sexton, Rice University

Woodsedge Middle School    400 KB

Jacqueline Hawkins, University of Houston

Knight High School     1.1 MB

Ruth Silva, Rice University

Longview High School     980 KB

Eileen M. Coppola, Rice University

Port High School     1.0 MB

Judy Radigan & Linda M. McNeil, Rice University


All school names are pseudonyms.

Reports are in pdf format. Click below to download Acrobat Reader.






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