Research Studies

Currently, we are conducting two studies, both of which focus on a stressor. In “Becoming Parents” we are studying couples having their first child.  Although this is a time period that is associated with much joy and anticipation, it also presents unique and difficult challenges to both parents. In “Parenting Activities” we are studying how the activities that parents engage in with their child(ren) affect their relationship with their partner, and their feelings about being a parent.  In both studies, we gather information about couples daily behaviors, interactions, and emotions in the hopes of better understanding how couples successfully navigate these challenging events.

To gather this information, The Daily Living Project uses friendly, fast technology to capture participants’ reports on their daily lives. Devices such as the iPod touch and iPad are not only a quick and easy way to complete questionnaires, they are also fun to use! Being able to capture data simply and without paper eliminates errors we might make in data transmission and allows us to collect data cleanly and accurately.

In the “Becoming Parents” study, participants complete a diary each evening on the iPod touch provided by the Daily Living Project lab. When the iPod touches are returned, the confidential questionnaires are uploaded onto a secure server where we can analyze responses. In the “Parenting Activities” study, participants fill out a brief online survey. Based on our participants’ feedback we will be able to modify our questionnaires for future studies and refine our understanding of how couples interact in times of transition.

If you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us.