Institutional Accreditation and Effectiveness

The Office of Institutional Accreditation and Effectiveness (IAE) establishes vision, leadership, and processes to strengthen the university’s institutional effectiveness and accreditation efforts. We value strategies that advance educational, programmatic, and operational excellence in a way that is evidence based, locally defined, and efficiency driven. Across campus, we promote practices that result in:

  • higher student academic achievement
  • an enhanced student experience
  • aligned and transparent decisions
  • readily available information for improvement, accountability, and accreditation

IAE collaborates with administrators, faculty, and staff to build an integrated system for institutional improvement using assessment, strategic planning, and program review. We are involved in all facets of institutional effectiveness.

  • Coordinating program and general education assessment
  • Advancing institution-wide assessment processes and resources
  • Facilitating goal-setting and strategic planning activities
  • Conferring on organizational change and leadership

Linda Neavel Dickens, Ph.D.
(512) 232-2646