Assessment Resources

We invite you to view the following resources to learn more about how IAE strengthens assessment and institutional effectiveness. We developed these models, tools, and guides for the university in order to support continuous improvement efforts.


Academic Assessment Overview

Developing Assessment Plans: Academic Units (PDF)

Inquiring into Academic Programs (PDF)

Writing Program Learning Outcomes


Administrative Unit Assessment Overview

Developing Assessment Plans: Administrative Units (PDF)

Inquiring into Administrative Programs (PDF)

Writing Administrative Program Objectives


2013 Assessment Dialogue Posters

Assessment Model (PDF)

Benefits of Institutional Effectiveness (PDF)

Data Sources for Outcomes Assessment (PDF)

Glossary (PDF)

Handbook for Institutional Effectiveness (PDF)

Instructional Assessment Resources (IAR). This in-depth Web-site is a searchable storehouse of information on assessing students, teaching, and technology, evaluating programs, and conducting research.

Making Changes Based on Evidence (PDF)

Outcomes Assessment Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Using Curriculum Maps for Institutional Effectiveness Planning (PDF)

Additional Articles

Nine Principles of Good Practice (PDF)

Seven Pillars of Assessment Accountability (PDF)

Doing Assessment As If Learning Matters Most (PDF)

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