2013 Assessment Dialogue

IAE, along with the Assessment Coordinators’ Network, hosted a poster session and panel discussion to highlight the diverse assessment activities and experiences taking place across campus. The 13 posters linked below display assessment practices and projects from academic, administrative, and student support services units.

2013 Assessment Dialogue
Panelists Jen Ebbeler, Sacha Kopp, Gale Stuart, Pat Davis, Brian Bremen, and Cassandre Alvarado discuss how assessment can help improve the student experience.
Photo Credit: Zach Ward


Advising Assessment Plan (PDF)

Analysis of Improvement Based on Assessment Actions (PDF)

Assessing Information Literacy Skills in First Year Students (PDF)

Assessment to Motivate Students and Guide Strategic Learning Behaviors (PDF)

Evaluating Academic Readiness Programs (PDF)

Evolution of Pharmacy Assessment Team (PDF)

Faculty Uses of Student Data to Support Instruction (PDF)

Making Decisions with Data (PDF)

Milestone Exams in College of Pharmacy (PDF)

Nursing Doctoral Assessment (PDF)

Relationships between Student Level Variables and MSLQ (PDF)

Student Transition from High School to College (PDF)

Using Student Self Assessment to Improve Learning (PDF)

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