Hard-copy Submission Guidelines

(Note: Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award has different requirements)

Please submit a binder for each nominee containing the materials for the eleven (11) areas described below, separate each area with a divider tab. The front and spine of the binder must display the nominee’s name, award name, department, and college. (To note: hard copy and electronic submission guidelines differ.)

  1. Cover Sheet

    Indicate the name, rank, and department of faculty member and which award they are being nominated for.

  2. Dean’s Cover Letter

    Cover letter from the nominee’s dean, including a description of the nominee selection process, and explanation of nominees’ ranking (if relevant).

  3. Department Chair’s Letter

    One- or two-page letter from the nominee’s chair summarizing the nominee’s sustained and significant contributions to education, particularly at the undergraduate level.

  4. Summary Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness

    Include the context of instruction (required vs. elective, difficulty, lower vs. upper-division, large vs. small courses, etc.), and other information to assist the award committee. You may also list out of class educational contributions such as supervision of student research, as well as mentoring and advising activities. The summary assessment may be contained within the department chair’s letter or the relevant unit may prepare a separate document for review by the teaching award committee. If included in chair’s letter, please create a single page document that reads, “Summary Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness included in chair’s letter”.

  5. Curriculum Vitae

    Include current curriculum vitae. Be sure to highlight any awards related to teaching or advising, any publications related to education, service related to education, and research publications co-authored with students.

  6. Teaching Philosophy

    Include a one- to two-page statement regarding the nominee’s teaching values, objectives, and methods as well as their reflections on the challenges and rewards of teaching university classes.

  7. List of Organized Courses

    List of all organized courses taught by the nominated faculty for last five years, along with enrollment for each course 
(beginning academic year 2006-2007) as well as enrollments in each course.

  8. Teaching Evaluations

    Submit course-instructor teaching evaluations that include student comments [sharp copies only, no originals] from all courses taught over the previous three years. CIS summary averages will be provided by the Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost. Departments do not need to provide the summaries.

  9. Reference Letters

    No more than five (5) letters of support from current or former students and/or faculty colleagues. Peer observations are especially valuable for faculty letters. At least two of the letters should be from current or former undergraduates.

  10. Syllabus

    Include a syllabus from a recent favorite course.

  11. Other Supporting Documentation as may be deemed appropriate.

    See Minnie Stevens Piper Professorship instructions for additional submission requirements.

(Note: amounts of honorariums vary depending on the endowment income.)

Please contact the provost's office at 512-471-4363 (or at provost.office@utexas.edu) if you have any questions or need any clarification about submissions.

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