2002 University Co-op / George H. Mitchell Undergraduate Awards For Academic Excellence

Recipient of $20,000 Award:

Abigail M. Green
Senior, Biology and English
Nominated by Dr. Ulrich G. Mueller, for her vital contribution to a publication entitled "Extensive exchange of fungal cultivars between sympatric species of fungus-growing ants," published in Molecular Ecology, and for the publication of her two modules for teaching conservation biology in Spanish.

Recipients of $5,000 Awards:

Design Group:
Carolyn A. Moore
Junior, Design
Katie L. Phillips
Junior, Design
C. Ian Searcy
Junior, Design
Ryan N. Thompson
Junior, Design
Nominated by Professor Daniel M. Olsen, for "Take Time," an architectural design for the Intel building in downtown Austin.

Jeremy R. Liebman
Senior, Plan II and R-T-F
Nominated by Dr. Paul Stekler, for a documentary film, entitled Kritik, based on high school debate contestants.

Jacob L. Mackey
Senior, Classics and Philosophy
Nominated by Dr. Douglass Parker, for a senior thesis entitled "Augustine's Anabasis from Vergil's Catabasis: A Study in the Inversion of a Trope."

Recipients of $2,000 Awards:

Nicholas R. Conley
Junior, Chemistry
Nominated by Dr. J.J. Lagowski, for his coauthored article entitled "On an improved pyrolytic synthesis Of [60]- and [70]-fullerene," published in Carbon.

Cory Reeves
Senior, Music (Choral)
Nominated by Dr. Suzanne M. Pence, for his coaching and conducting of a youth choir in a performance of Handel's Messiah and other holiday selections, in conjunction with the Corpus Christi Symphony.

Natasha Self
Senior, Government
Nominated by Dr. Bruce Buchanan, for her senior Thesis on "The Religious Right and the Texas Republican Party."

Pattabi R. Seshandri
Senior, Plan II and Computer Engineering
Nominated by Dr. Lizy John, for three coauthored paper-presentations on Web Server Workloads, given at three different conferences, and a proposal presented at the IBM Center for Advanced Studies Inaugural Conference.

Jack Tannous
Senior, Plan II, Arabic, and Middle Eastern Studies
Nominated by Dr. Samer Ali, for his senior thesis, a translation of the Book of Monasteries (Kitab al-Diyarat).

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