2003 University Co-op / George H. Mitchell Undergraduate Awards For Academic Excellence

Recipient of $20,000 Award:

Lauren E. Banta
Senior, Radio-Television-Film
Nominated by Dr. Paul Stekler, for the skillful, sensitive production, direction,and editing of her documentary film entitled "The Kiely Family."

Recipients of $5,000 Awards:

Heidi S. Boutros
Junior, Plan II and Government
Nominated by Dr. Martha Ann Selby, for her committed, compassionate, disciplined study entitled "India's Modern Slaves: Bonded Slavery in India and Methods of Intervention."

James G. Scott
Senior, Plan II and Mathematics
Nominated by Dr. William H. Jefferys, for his coauthored paper (with Dr. James O. Berger) entitled "A Decision Theoretic Procedure for Bayesian Multiple Testing," which has "important potential for understanding fetal development as well as applications to biomedical problems."

Travis W. Vandergriff
Senior, Plan II, Linguistics, and Spanish
Nominated by Dr. Joel Sherzer, for his paper entitled "Nosotros tenemos del don: Curanderismo and the Traditional Healers of Austin's Hispanic Community," which combines "a refined sense of the theoretical, methodological, and practical issues involved" in research dealing with medicinal and curing practices.

Recipients of $2,000 Awards:

Dustin E. Ballard
Senior, Advertising
Nominated by Dr. Deborah K. Morrison, for his selection of ads based on historic photographs entitled "Revealing a Greater Truth."

Adi D. Dubash
Senior, Cell and Molecular Biology
Nominated by Dr. Surangani Dharmawardhane, for his first authorship in a coauthored study entitled "Subcellular Distribution of PIP3 in Response to Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Activation in Breast Cancer Cells," which has "far-reaching consequences in identifying potential therapeutic strategies for metastatic breast cancer."

Chand T. John
Senior, Computer Science and Mathematics
Nominated by Dr. Chandrajit Bajaj, for his undergraduate thesis entitled "Subdivision Algorithms for Algebraic Splines," which traces the "recursive subdivision schemes" whose "simple, elegant rules can produce a remarkable catalog of natural and synthetic (manufactured) shape models."

Peter Renn
Senior, Plan II and Psychology
Nominated by Dr. Sevendra Singh, for his senior honor's thesis entitled "Speech, Male Sexual Orientation, and Childhood Gender Nonconformity," which is a "truly significant" piece of research in the field of sexual orientation.

Catherine E. Swanson
Senior, Textile/Apparel Design and English
Nominated by Dr. Ardis Rewerts, for her portfolio of original designs, including work produced during her internship at Arkadius, Ltd., for which she designed an entire jeans line and a prĂȘt-a-porter collection.

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