2004 University Co-op / George H. Mitchell Undergraduate Awards For Academic Excellence

Recipient of $20,000 Award:

Brian E. Hardin
Senior, Electrical Engineering
Nominated by Dr. Anthony Ambler for creating a sophisticated computer program, which generates unusual shapes for solar cells and maximizes their ability to collect light on a smaller space. Brian’s project, “Non-tracking Solar Concentrator Model,” has long-range implications for the viability of solar power. A patent for his ideas has been filed by Oxford University.

Recipients of $5,000 Awards:

Corinna A. Kester
Senior, Plan II and Chemical Engineering
Nominated by Dr. Larry Carver, Corinna Kester's project, "Small-Scale Renewable Energy in Panama: Current Status, Lessons Learned, and Barriers Faced," called on her fluency in Spanish and her creative research skills to synthesize this multidisciplinary work culled from interviews with Panamanian officials, creating what amounts to a policy statement for the government of Panama.

Geeti S. Mahajan
Senior, Plan II and Asian Studies
Nominated by Dr. Martha Selby, Geeti Mahajan organized a classical Indian dance troupe, which seamlessly transplanted a locally specific art form and incorporated representations of heroines from classical Indian dance, while raising $6,000 for area charities.

Ashley H. Ray
Senior, English Honors
Nominated by Dr. Laura Furman, Ashley Ray wrote a biographical essay titled "In Search of an Accident of Hope: The Live or Die Life of Anne Sexton," which utilized the Sexton archive at the University's Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center to create a beautifully written and empathetic portrait of the poet as a teacher and as a mother.

Recipients of $2,000 Awards:

Andrea M. Choquette
Senior, Plan II, Business Honors and Marketing
Nominated by Dr. Samer Ali for her balanced analysis of efforts to shape perceptions of America in the Muslim world after 9/11, Andrea Choquette's "Brand America: Mass Media and Public Diplomacy in the Middle East" is a substantial and mature work based on a solid understanding of marketing theory.

Maribelisa Gillespie
Junior, Anthropology
Nominated by Dr. Kim Shelton for her feminist revision of Aeschylus' tragedy "Agamemnon," Maribelisa Gillespie's "Agamemnon Clytemnestra: The true story of the return of Agamemnon and the events following" is a nuanced work that makes a powerful critical and creative statement.

Charles A. Thomas
Senior, Humanities, German and Psychology
Nominated by Dr. David Crew, Charles Thomas' work, "The Story of Nazi Environmental and Animal Rights Laws" uncovers the shocking irony of Hitler's insistence on humane treatment of the environment and animals inside the death camps.

Sarah E. Tierney
Senior, Plan II, Computer Science and Government
Nominated by Dr. Joseph Straubhaar, Sarah Tierney addressed the issue of access to technology in the Third World in her interdisciplinary study, "From the New World Information and Communication Order to the World Summit on the Information Society: The Debate Over Media and Technology Development Issues from 1976-2003."

Amy L. Zolkoski
Senior, Choral Studies
Nominated by Dr. Suzanne Pence, Amy Zolkoski used her musical training at UT to become the galvanizing force behind a production of song and dance by children's choirs in Galveston and Mexico, crossing both international and socioeconomic barriers for her project, "Ajijic, Mexico and Galveston, Texas Underprivileged Children Music Workshops."

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