Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness

Assessment at The University of Texas at Austin is supported by the Office of Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness.

UT Austin sustains a culture of excellence through many avenues: innovative student learning opportunities, world-class research initiatives, ongoing faculty development programs, and collaborative community relationships.

Another way that the university supports excellence is through assessment and institutional effectiveness: identifying, measuring, and analyzing student learning outcomes and program objectives and then using the results to make improvements. The assessment of student learning occurs for every degree plan at the university, the general education curriculum, and most student support programs. Additionally, many administrative units are responsible for assessing their goals. In all, there are about 400 assessment plans that illustrate the success of our academic, student support, and administrative programs. The general education and academic plans provide evidence of what our graduates are able to do or demonstrate as a result of their studies. Administrative plans communicate details about operational accomplishments.

The ongoing assessment cycle assists faculty, staff, and administrators in making informed curricular, programmatic, and operational decisions. By using evidence to make changes, the institution engages in continuous improvement and organizational learning. Indeed, assessment data are key for making strategic and systematic choices about institutional goals.

Linda Neavel Dickens, Ph.D.
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