Policy on Academic Program Planning and Assessment

The faculty in all departments will identify assessment outcomes for their academic programs and, based on these criteria, carry out the systematic review of their academic programs on a regular basis, in five to six year intervals. Programs will be revised consistent with this review and assessment. This systematic review and assessment will be carried out by the appropriate curriculum committee and governance structure in each department. It will include outcomes assessments based on a mixture of feedback from current students, alumni, prospective employers, accreditation committees, visiting committees and scholars, and advisory councils as deemed appropriate. On the basis of these assessments, as well as their own professional sense of their disciplines, the faculty will determine how well programs meet the evolving scholarly demands of their disciplines and the shifting nature of the marketplace students will enter. Program changes will be made as appropriate. The University will monitor this systematic departmental review and assessment through the Compact and Performance Based Instructional System (PBIS) procedures.

(excerpted from a February 23, 2000 memorandum from Executive Vice President and Provost Sheldon Ekland-Olson to Deans)

WFL: 8/25/00